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The Mid-Town Memphis Men"

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   The 3-M'S are exactly what their name implies, "The Mid-Town Memphis Men". We should expand on that by stating that they are 3 Mid-Town Memphis Men that have been spreading the good news of Jesus Christ through their gospel music. "Mid-Town Memphis" is the melting pot section of Memphis, Tennessee located in the heart of the city where 3-M"S  musical ministry is based. The 3-M'S are Paul Cooper, Billy Coker, and Roger Burns. Each of them as a group happily share their ministry through gospel music at every opportunity at many festivals that are held in Mid-Town Memphis. They each feel that the message through their songs is a positive message that both the troubled & peaceful souls of the visitors and residents of Mid-Town Memphis can savor like momma's home cooking.

   The trio recorded a CD in the fall of 2002 in one of Planet Earth's most up-to-date studios, owned and operated by Thunderbolt Entertainment, a Memphis based entertainment company.

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