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   I will always treasure the memories of the many nights I spent in South Memphis listening and dancing to the music of Ace Cannon. If my memory serves me correctly, I believe I first met him in 1962 at the same time I met my good friend, Jumpin' Gene Simmons. During the years since I have had the superb pleasure of being able to call him my friend. I agree with Sam Philips' comment that Ace Cannon is "The Greatest Saxophone Player That Ever Lived". But more important than that, he's, also, one of the nicest guys that ever lived. My hat is tipped to Ace Cannon.
Jerry Mac

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Ace Cannon: 22 All-Time Greatest Hits

Ace Cannon presented by The Country Music Planet

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Song List
1. Tuff
2. Waltz Medley With Gusto
3. Stealin' Feelin'
4. White Silver Sands
5. Green Back Dollar
6. I Feel Like Playin' The Blues
7. Yakety Sax
8. Swanee River
9. Cannon Boogie
10. Danny Boy
11. Honey Hungry
12. The Entertainer
13. Red River Valley
14. Dixie
15. Frankie And Johnny
16. You And Your Precious Love
17. Catchee
18. John Henry
19. Sugar Blues
20. What If
21. Streets Of Laredo
22. Cotton Fields
Ace Cannon is the "Godfather of Sax". Sam Phillips of Sun Records once said:"Ace Cannon is the greatest saxophone player who ever lived...he came out of the same stables as Carl Perkins, Elvis Presley, and Jerry Lee Lewis". Many others agree. In light of Sam Phillips assessment of the legendary saxophonist, it is no surprise that Ace played on many of Sun Records' hit songs that were recorded in the 1950's. Ace Cannon was born in Grenada, Mississippi on May 5, 1934. He was only ten years old when he first began playing the saxophone. In 1959 Ace joined Bill Black's Combo. They became one of the early successful bands to emerge on the rock 'n' roll horizon. Ace Cannon's fabulous saxophone playing was heard on all of Bill Black's Combo's recordings. One of those songs was selected for a Grammy Award nomination in 1997. Ace Cannon had previously been honored with a Grammy nomination for "Best Country Instrumental Performance" in 1977 for his version of "Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain". Ace's most popular recording was his signature 1961 hit titled "Tuff". It is included on this collection. In the 1980's, Ace Cannon entered his third decade as a professional musician. At that time, he recorded what became two of the hottest selling TV albums ever recorded. Moe Lytle of Gusto Records, Nashville, TN, produced Ace's "Golden Classics" and "The Entertainer" albums and advertised them on television. The albums sold millions worldwide and made Ace Cannon in international star. During his career, Ace recorded 52 albums and 37 singles. Today, the name "Ace Cannon" has become synonymous with great saxophone playing. This collection includes 22 saxophone classics by one of the most prolific musicians of our time. It is time to follow the advice given in the now-famous Ace Cannon TV commercials: "Bring Ace To Your Place!" No music library is complete without the virtuoso saxophone playing of Ace Cannon, the undisputed "Godfather of Sax".



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