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A Few Words About AR Kessinger From Jerry Mac, Owner Of Country Music Planet

   AR Kessinger, who his friends refer to as Al, is a fantastic country music songwriter, and he is, also, a great author. What is even more important than that is that he is a 100 percent nice guy. His girlfriend's name is Jo, and she is just as much a special lady as he is a special gentleman. Al is a regular visitor to radio shows that I host on the internet at The Country Music Planet Social Network. I invite you to visit our shows at the network where you can chat with Al & other songwriters and singers as we play their music. Al, also has a site at the network. Click here to get to his site at the network. You can listen to Al's music & watch his videos at the network even without being a member of the network, but, if you want to comment on his music or his videos, you must be a member (You can sign up as a member right at his site at the network.). To join as a member is free, &, when you become a member, you will be sent a message informing you of the times of our shows. We would love to have all you Al Kessinger friends and fans visit with us, and I know Al would love to have you there chatting with him. While here at his site make sure you visit his music page to download some of his fantastic songs. I am very pleased to call Al my friend.
Jerry Mac

International CMA Old Time Country Songwriter of the Year 2008
Alvin R. Kessinger

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