Biography Of AR Kessinger, Country Music Songwriter & Author
Award winning country music songwriter & author, AR Kessinger, explains who he is and what he is about from the date of his birth in Kentucky ‘til now

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In AR Kessingers Own Words

I was born on July 14, 1942 to Estell and Pearl Kessinger in a log cabin.  The youngest of six children we lived a very modest lifestyle in Butler County, Kentucky.
After dropping out of school in 1959 I worked in construction with no interest in education and/or writing.
In the mid 1970’s I discovered a sincere interest in writing country songs and poetry after receiving my GED in the military.
I began loosing my sight to glaucoma in 1978, which provided the time to focus on my newfound literal craft.
By the early 90’s I had aspirations to develop literature, however, my loss of sight made it difficult to use the typewriter.  During this time computer training was offered and I immediately took advantage of the opportunity.  With the use of a computer screen reading software I was able to begin development of this work.
A. R. Kessinger

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