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 Andrew Luttrell
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Location: Baltimore, MD, U.S.A
Description: Singer/Songwriter: Acoustic / Also: Luttrell, Noon & Wenger
Biography: Andrew Luttrell is no stranger to live stage performance. With a love for music at an early age, Andrew grew up in Maryland playing classical piano. In 1990, he played electric guitar and was singing in his first rock band during high school. A few years later after making a transition to acoustic music, Andrew joined Johny Edelstein to form an acoustic duo that played in Coffeehouses, Cafes, and Bars throughout the Baltimore area from 1994 - 1997, called "Missing Dog Head". During and since that time he has continued to play solo shows with a creative and "music-lover" pleasing mix of original material and cover songs. With respect to his renditions of cover songs, he has been described as "A great interpreter of cover song storytelling". In recent years, Andrew has also played in various projects, both electric and acoustic with fantastic musicians in the area, including Steve Dewey, Tom Hamer, Mark Calhoun, Tim Custer Jr, John Tenney, Skip Noon, John Wenger, and Dave Hadley. He is currently working on a new studio album of all original material with musicians Skip Noon and John Wenger (Luttrell, Noon & Wenger) which is due for release in Summer 2006. Go to for more details.
Press Release:
Andrew Luttrell is a singer/songwriter/performer who holds a sensibility which makes him the sum of his musical influences, including Neil Young, Bob Dylan, The Grateful Dead, U2, The Cowboy Junkies, Bruce Springsteen, and many more. With powerful songwriting, which beams incredibly intense lyrics and soulful melodies, he sings and plays acoustic guitar & harmonica from the heart, while ranging the musical gambit of Blues, Folk, Rock, Bluegrass, and Alternative. The new Premier Records 2005 EP release: Andrew Luttrell "Live" is a sample demonstration of exactly what its title states. This five song CD consists of all original material, mostly written this year, and is a picture perfect snapshot of Andrew performing solo acoustic music the best way he loves to perform: In the live setting. These songs were digitally recorded on stage, and are boiling with soul. Read and listen to the lyrics of the song "Thin Line", and you'll agree. When you attend one of his sets, he not only plays to you. He plays in, at, around, and out to you. His impressive songwriting relates to any audience, because it's honest and real. This is great, simple, strong music, and I expect amazing studio work from Andrew in the future. Check out this CD, tell your folk-loving friends, and go see him perform. -Ryan Kearns Premier Records San Francisco, CA August 2005

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