Country Singer Ashley Simons
The Country Music Planet and The Young Guns Of Country Music are proud to present the talented Ashley Simons, 13 year old female country music singer!

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The Country Music Planet
Ashley Simons
Independent Country Music Singer
Proud member of "Young Guns Of Country Music"

   Ashley Simons, Country music singerYes! Believe it! It's true! This beautiful young lady is only 13 years old, and she is  just as talented as she is beautiful. She's definitely prepared to make a big mark in the world of country music. As a matter of fact, she's already made a dent or two in the music world in the great state of Texas, which is where she resides. Ashley is very prepared for all that the world of country music is ready to send her way. In addition to being blessed with a god given gift of being born with great vocal ability, she's been consistent in her willingness to hone them through much dedication and practice with the help of many very talented vocal coaches. Here is a list of her vocal training:

· Ella Romney – October 1997 – December 1998
· Jayne Lybrand – Fall 1998
· Raymond Jacobs – January 1999 – June 2000
· Johnnie High’s Music Business Seminar – June 1999
· "Stefani Little - June 2000 -
June 2003"
· Linda Septien – Musical Biz Kids – August 2003 - present

   Wow! She not only sings. She, also, dances. She's sharpened that talent, also, with the help of The Dallas Power House Of Dance. So watch out music fans! She'll not only entertain you with her great vocals, she'll dazzle you with her great moves.

   Ashley Simon's stage presence is as prominent as someone with decades of experience on stage even though she is only 13 years old. Both Ashley and her mother, Jana, realized very early that Ashley was very talented, but they, also, realized this talent had to be polished if she were to succeed in the competitive field of country music; so in addition to getting her some excellent vocal and dance instructions, they got Ashley the best Texas has to offer in the field of "stage presence instruction". Here is a list of some of her "stage presence training":

· Jayne Lybrand – Fall 1998
· Johnnie High’s Music Business Seminar – June 1999
· Vocal Secrets Seminar – Fall 2001
· Linda Septien Improv Acting for Stage – Summer 2003

   Even at her young age, she's already  acquired a great number of performances to her credit. Here are a few of them:

· Dallas Cowboy’s Football Thanksgiving Day Half-time Show – November 2002 – Back-up singer for Leann Rimes
· ABC Radio Networks - Children's Christmas Party – December 2001 – Lead Caroler
· Southern Methodist University – November 2001 – National Anthem
· Johnnie High’s Country Music Review – August 2001, September 2001, April 2002, June 2003 – Solo, Duet & After Show Entertainment
· Featured on KIMP-AM Radio – July 2001
· Wylie Opry/Country – Regular Guest Solo Artist since November 2000
· Wylie Opry/Gospel – Regular Guest Solo Artist since October 2001
· Dallas Opera – Production of Wozzech – December 2000
· Silver Stage Productions Musical – June 1999 – "Lottie" – Solo & Chorus
· Septien Vocal Studio – Musical Biz Kids – March 1998, June 2002 – Solo

Ashley recorded a demo at PedMar Studio in February, 2001 and April, 2001. Ashley went back into the studio (Septien Studios) to record a new demo in November, 2003.

Listen to Ashley by clicking on song titles
"When I Think About Angels" - "Rockin' With The Rhythm Of The Rain"

Ashley Simons is a member of Young Guns Of Country Music!
Ashley Simons is a citizen of The Country Music Planet!
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