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Baylie Brown
Big Trouble

   Baylie Brown. is a blonde haired, blue eyed girl that is already a seasoned professional.

   Baylie Brown is a country girl through and through. When she takes the stage her voice and presence radiate talent. Her tone is sweet and true and she sings with an amazing amount of clarity and conviction that is rare. Whether singing for a crowd of thousands or for an intimate gathering, she gives her all. Baylie has all the ingredients to emerge as country music's newest superstar!
   Baylie's outstanding talent has not gone unnoticed, or unrewarded. She was named 2003 Main Street Country Music Showcase "Entertainer of the Year" for her age group. She holds the MSCMS "Female Vocalist of the Year" award for 2003, after successfully defending her title, along with many other honors gratefully received.

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