Country Music Planet Presents A Country Singer, Billy Nathan
Country music singer, Billy Nathan, and his great country music CD, On My Own Again, are presented here by The Country Music Planet and The CD Planet!

Perfectly Honest

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Inside Nashville Country Music Radio Show
Billy Nathan

Listen to the show as you read about Billy

BonTex Records recording artist

Click here to get to Billy's site at The CD Planet to view and/or to order his CD.

   Billy was born in the state of Louisiana, but called Nashville, Tennessee his home for over 20 years. He moved to Nashville in the '70's with the same dream as thousands of other singer/songwriters.  Billy wasn't in Music City, USA long before he recorded his first CD entitled, "ON MY OWN AGAIN". This CD received rave reviews by all the Nashville insiders. The review board of BonTex Records reviewed the CD and thought so much of it's total content that they decided to re-release it under their label. The CD is now available on the BonTex label on the internet. In order to view and order the CD, simply click on the appropriate link below that will take you to Billy's site where his CD is.  The president of BonTex Records said, "I have never heard a country CD that was any better than Billy Nathan's "ON MY OWN AGAIN". The only problem we are going to have is trying to decide which of the 10 songs we should release as a single first. Every song on the CD is a potential smash hit." Billy is the only writer of 5 of the songs and co-writer on the other 5 with his good friend, David Johnson. The 1st single that BonTex will be releasing to the radio stations in the USA and in Europe will be "ON MY OWN AGAIN", the title cut on the CD, which can be listened to in it's entirety at Billy's site where the CD is.

   Billy is currently in Louisiana doing what he loves best, entertaining the country music fans.

   WOW!!! What an entertainer. And even more impressive-What a nice human being.

Click here to get to Billy's site at The CD Planet to view and/or to order his CD.
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   I was born about 20 miles south of Alexandria,LA. in a little town named LeCompte. It was October 13, 1941. We moved to Baton Rouge, LA when I was about 2 years old and I lived there until I was 10 then moved to Baker, LA just north of Baton Rouge.  I went into the US Navy right out of high school. I started singing in nightclubs when I was 14 years old, and when I got out of the service I just went right back to it. I Moved to Nashville in 1978 and worked at just about every kind of job a man could work at. However, the songwriter hat that I am wearing now fits better than any hat I have ever worn. I really enjoy writing and singing more than I ever have before in my lifetime.
   I cut my first album a few years ago and have been enjoying every thing it has done for me. I did it on Perfect Love Records, and and then the owner and president of BonTex Records heard it and had his board review it for consideration on their label. To make a long story short it is now on BonTex Records. To listen to a portion of the album go to my other page through the link on this page. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed recording it.
Billy Nathan


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