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Billy Darnell Biography
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In Billy's Own Words

I was born in a small town called Port Jervis, NY, and lived there 'till I was 13. Then my Mom and Dad had a falling out, she went her way and he went his. It was a Typical separation. He took the money, and she took the kids. It was a time that taught me what being poor was all about, and if you didn't take care of yourself, no one else was going to. I worked after school and during the summer from the time I was 14. It taught me how to make a dollar, and not to take your next meal for granted, but most of all it taught me how to stand on my own two feet, and I don't regret any of it. We moved 14 times in the next year, until we finally settled down in Scranton, PA. where I spent most of my adolescent years. I started writing my first songs when I was 14. I only knew 3 chords so they weren't anything special , but it fueled the fire so to speak.

About the time I turned 21, I decided I wanted to be a singer, so I got me a guitar, taught myself from a book how to play it, learned 40 songs or so, and went for my first audition, so to speak, at a bar called the Savoy. I got up and sang with the house band there from time to time, and the owner told me if I would learn to play guitar or piano, he'd give me a spot during the week. He was good to his word. One night turned into 6 days a week, and that was how I made a living most of my life. I got away from it from time to time but that stage, and the spotlight, would always lure me back.

As I got older I started writing pretty consistently. Everybody said the same thing, "Billy, your songs are good, you got a good voice, you ought to go to Nashville and try to get a deal." Well, one thing I learned early in life was not to believe everything you heard, and only about half of what you saw. It wasn't till several years later I made my first album, and finally did end up going to Nashville, where I have lived for the past 10 years or so. I had some publishers show some interests in my songs, but was generally told I was just too country, go home , listen to what was on the radio, write something like that, and come back and see them. I thought about it, and decided I wasn't going to compromise the music I loved for commercial gain. I'd wait out the current trend. I wasn't going to write rock and roll country. I played the honkytonks and bars down on Lower Broadway for almost 2 years, till the wife decided she wanted to buy a home here, and thus the end of the entertainment career. Seems the bank didn't see it as gainful employment, so I had to get a real job, but I continued to work on my songwriting skills over the years. Once again I am free to do what I love most so here I am.

I like all kinds of music, every aspect of it from entertaining to recording. I like all sports, playing texas hold'em, fishing, and spending time with my family, oh, and my two pittbulls.

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