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Special Guest: Billy Don Burns - Host: Jerry Mac Recorded and posted on Feb 11, 2005

Billy Don Burns
This song is copyrighted.
Any unauthorized copying will be prosecuted.
Desperate Men
BMI Work #3849078
We present to you this complete song.
Performer; Billy Don Burns
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A special message from Jerry Mac about this song and the writers

   This song was the title cut of an album by the same name that was number 1 on "THE GAVIN AMERICANA CHARTS" for weeks. It was written by 4 of the greatest songwriters that have ever lived. If you haven't heard of these writer, you must not have been listening to music very long, or you do like a lot of folks and pay attention to who the artists are and ignore who contributed so much to this world by their creative writing talents. Billy Don Burns has a total of 72 songs in his repertoire at BMI, and a lot have been recorded by artist you've heard of if you listen to music at all. Earl Clark has 53 songs in his repertoire at BMI, and a couple of them are award winning songs. Hank Cochran has 566 in his repertoire at BMI, and 18 of them are award winning songs. Mack Vickery has two repertoire at BMI VICKERY MACK (US 2) that has 23 songs) &  VICKERY MACK (US 1) that has 233 songs, and 3 of them are award winning songs.
   I know all of these writers, and each of them are good human beings as well as good songwriters. They have each contributed much to music & just as much to mankind.

   It is an absolute honor having Billy Don Burns as a member of MHSA. We will not list the lyrics here. When you click on the listen button above, it will stream to you a 30 minute show in real audio. The show begins with Bill Don Burns singing, "DESPERATE MEN" accompanying himself on the guitar. If you are interested in hearing anymore Billy Don Burn's songs just keep listening to the show. Billy Don wrote all the songs on the show.

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