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Keep On the Sunny Side: Her Life in Music
June Carter Cash


The Unbroken Circle
The Musical Heritage of the Carter Family

   Somewhere, not long into the twentieth century, at the foot of a great limestone Click here to order CD.mountain, a young, bright blue-eyed girl picked up a guitar for the first time. This simple yet mysterious child of Virginia was then Maybelle Addington. In the quiet hollows of Appalachia near Hiltons, Virginia, where the coal smoke lay like early morning fog over the tobacco fields, she developed a style of guitar playing destined to influence musicians around the world.
   Over seventy-five years have passed now since the Carter Family's first recording session in Bristol, Tennessee. Now, with hearts forever grateful and humble, an amazing group of musicians and artists gather to pay homage to the first family of country music. With great passion we offer these interpretations of song, spirit, musicianship and lyric. All of the performers contributing to these recordings are a part of this great unbroken circle.

1.   Worried Man Blues - George Jones
2.   No Depression In Heaven - Sheryl Crow mp3

3.   On The Sea Of Galilee - Emmylou Harris With The Peasall Sisters
4.   Engine One-Forty-Three - Johnny Cash mp3
5.   Never Let The Devil Get - The Upper Hand Of You - Marty Stuart And His Fabulous Superlatives
6.   Little Moses - Janette And Joe Carter
7.   Black Jack David - Norman And Nancy Blake with Tim O'Brien
8.   Bear Creek Blues - John Prine
9.   You Are My Flower - Willie Nelson mp3
10. Single Girl, Married Girl - Shawn Colvin With Earl & Randy Scruggs
11. Will My Mother Know Me There? - The Whites with Ricky Skaggs
12. The Winding Stream - Rosanne Cash
13. Rambling Boy - The Del McCoury Band
14. Hold Fast To The Right - June Carter Cash
15. Gold Watch And Chain - The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band with Kris Kristofferson

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Inside Nashville Country Music Radio Show
Bobby Caraway

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