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Chas Ryder

Song #1
Back Roads Of My Mind

I'll Be Gone

Lonesome Again

Driving You Out Of My Mind

Ten Thirty Eight

      Chas Ryder was born in Cornwall, England and started singing country-music in the 1970ís, (before it was fashionable) with a five-piece band based in London.  The band, Mustang County, toured the U.K. many times during the 70ís and became very popular both with British audiences and Americans on the U.S. air bases.
      With the decline of the group-scene in the early 80ís Chas Ryder became part of a duo with his wife Val.  This soon became an award-winning duo with many tours of the U.K., Germany and the U.S.A.  In the late 80ís, Chas went solo whilst Val started her own entertainment agency.
      As a solo country-music artist, Chas has toured the U.K. and the mid-western states of the U.S.A., and appeared on TV and radio both at home and in America.
      Currently, Chas Ryder is appearing at holiday venues in the West Country and at the numerous country-music clubs in the U.K.  His act is completely self-contained with guitar, keyboard and backing tracks and features a mixture of traditional, modern, line dance and self-penned country music, together with some non-country standards, which benefit from his remarkable bass/baritone vocal range.
      In short, a highly professional artist whose music is perfect for easy listening or dancing the night away.




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