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The Country Music Planet and The CD Planet present Clayton Lee, independent country music singer & independent country music songwriter, & his new CD.



Country Music Planet presents country music singer, Clayton Lee


Country Music Planet presents country music singer Clayton Lee

Clayton Lee

Don't Worry 'Bout Nut'in

A 13 Song CD

   The president of The Country Music Planet says, "Clayton Lee's CD, Don't Worry 'Bout Nut'in is a fantastic CD. Each of the 13 songs on this CD is the kind of song you will want to hear over and over again".

   Every song on this CD is a potential smash hit.

Clayton Lee
California's Best Kept Secret

Clayton Lee's music can be heard at
Inside Nashville Jukebox


1. Don't Worry 'Bout Nut'in'
2. Between Here And There
3. Blue Lipstick
4. Freedom To Stay
5. Shuffle On
6. True Believer
7. Broke Again
8. Until You're Gone
9. I Know What Love Can Do
10. Deja Vu Again
11. The Bottom Line
12. Big Top Hat
13. Bumble Bee No Listen

Buy It $12.95

   This album received rave reviews by everyone associated with The Country Music Planet.
   The review board of BonTex Records, a Memphis Tennessee based record company, reviewed the album and thought so much of it's total content that they encouraged The CD Planet to make the CD available at this site.

   To hear samples of the music click on songs highlighted in blue.

   Clayton Lee's new CD Don't Worry "Bout Nut'in features thirteen exciting songs including six written or co-written by the artist. The title song has a New Orleans style funky down and dirty groove to make you move. The expression "Don't Worry 'Bout Nut'in'" is familiar to anyone who has spent much time in South Louisiana. It reflects the regional attitude of a people who truly live a "work hard play harder" philosophy.

Additional Information About This CD

   The genre of the CD is country by way of Louisiana and Texas, not Nashville, a Country-Rock/Americana blend that'll make yer big toe shoot up in yer boot. It's fun, emotional, exciting, authentic, and real. 

   Clayton Lee enlisted the help of his friend Terry Wilson to take the helm as producer on this one. Working with Terry brought the advantage of being able to tap a storehouse of talented people whose accomplishments and credits would take pages to list. Terry Wilson's songs have been covered by the likes of Paul Rogers, Kathy Mattea, and Maria Muldaur. As a musician, he's worked with Eric Burdon, Johnny Nash, Jimmy Reed, John Martin, and was a member of Backstreet Crawler (Paul Kossoff). His producer credits include Teresa James, Randy Sharp, and David Lynn Jones.

   A listen to this CD is bound to conjure up feelings you thought you misplaced and were looking for. Texas boogies, Louisiana flavored mambo stomps, a shuffling tribute to Steve Ripley, a couple of country ballads, a cowboy jazz tune about a wandering girlfriend, an island inspired song about an insect, it's not a trite rehash but it fits like your favorite boots.

   The proof is in the listening, so check out the sound samples. Take a ride down south with Clayton Lee, and "Don't Worry 'Bout Nut'in'"! 

Clayton Lee CD - Don't Worry 'Bout Nut'in

Buy It $12.95

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