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 Debbie L. Rice

Debbie considers herself a songwriter, not a performer..."My goal is to have my songs recorded by others! If you hear something you would like to record yourself, please contact me!!". Debbie has been playing piano by ear since age 7, and in the mid 90s she was the keyboardist for a well-known rock band in Houston with her now ex-husband and brother-in-law. Things fell apart after her husband decided to pursue a music career on his own. Left as a single mom with a 10 month old son, a bankruptcy and a foreclosure, she faced the challenge of moving back to her hometown and accepting a low paying job just to make ends meet. Her music career was put on hold. Slowly but surely, the Lord continued to bless her and restore her. She was able to get a better job, and began to rebuild her life with her son. At age 4, her son required major surgery to correct a birth deformity. Only 3 months into his recovery, at the age of 36, Debbie was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She neglected her own diagnosis until she knew her son was out of the woods. By then, however, the physicians didn’t give her much of a chance. But she continued to trust in the Lord, telling everyone, "I KNEW that I had already been healed." Debbie went on to have a complete mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation, but she knew the battle had already been won. Her surgeon was amazed to find that her cancer had not spread, and she was given a clean bill of health. Six months into her chemotherapy, her house flooded due to a tropical storm. Debbie and her son were forced to move into a different house down the street. But, the Lord is good, and even as she was going thru this battle, He had put into motion His plan to bring her a soul-mate. Debbie and her current husband, Darren, went on their first date just weeks before her hair fell out due to Chemo. "I had not had the time to date after my first husband left, and quite frankly, had not been looking." Debbie and Darren knew each other from Sunday School, but neither had thought about dating. It was her son’s daycare lady who suggested that they get together. Darren’s children, a son and a daughter, went to the same daycare as Debbie's son. They were a family without a mother, and Debbie and her son were a family without a father. They were married after 24 months of courtship, and now are a blessed family of five. During this time, Debbie hadn’t really thought much about her music; it was just a part of her past. She still tinkered around on the piano, but didn’t pursue it seriously. Darren, however, knew her heart. He bought Debbie a fancy keyboard for their first Christmas together, and within a week she had her first song. "There is no doubt these songs are coming from the Lord", Debbie says. "On my own, the ability just isn’t there. The songs He gives me are so varied in style...everything from country to rock, children’s to alternative. I feel like God has given me these songs because He has a message that needs to get out". Although Debbie has dabbled in writing before, this time it is different. "The music just seems to pour out", she says, "And if it helps someone somewhere along the way, then His will is done. These songs are meant to honor Him. I can only hope that I can do them justice". Currently, Debbie is playing the keyboards and teaching a girls 3rd-6th grade class for her church youth group each Wednesday night, and she is also teaching a Band class to the 3rd-6th graders at her church the first Sunday of each month. Debbie and Darren continue to be involved in the same Sunday school class where they first met, with Darren being one of the leaders and alternate teachers. Their children are active in Sunday school and the Church band, and are members of the kids Wednesday night BreakOut group. Their youngest, Joshua (age 8), considers himself a prayer-warrior, and has even volunteered at local radio station KSBJ's Summerfest (with David Crower, Newsboys, etc.) as a prayer partner. "Thank you Jesus!!" says Debbie. "My life is such an adventure right now. I can't wait to see what He has in store for me next!".


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