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Dee Dee was born in West Virginia, then raised in the fast pace town of Daytona Beach Florida.

As a married adult she now calls her home Franklin North Carolina where she lives with her husband and her pride and joy a candy apple red 91 Mustang.

Dee Dee is new in the music business as a whole but has always enjoyed music and could be found singing every chance she got, at local Churches and Community functions.

It wasn’t until latter in life she wanted to try and pursue any type of music career.

Some 20 odd years ago her mother wrote a song in memory of her brother (Jeffery Jones) after a motorcycle accident while he lye in a coma, he passed away shortly after she had finished the song.

The Song: Lord Help Me Hold On To You

She finally got the song finished in 2006 with the help of her husbands aunt (Nellie Downs) who added the musical arrangement to the lyrics.

In the summer of 2006 Dee Dee traveled to Nashville to record her first song with Producer Michael Radford of A.M.I. Records.

Where he gave her a second (When The Rain Comes Falling Down) to make up her demo CD *Just 4 U*.

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