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DeLon is a songwriter/artist, who is staying true to the sounds of "TRADITIONAL COUNTRY MUSIC", and who refuses to get caught up in the new Nashville trend of "contemporary pop/rock" country music.

"WHEN I MOVED OUT OF TULSA" a # 1 song on the independent country music charts!!!

"CRAZY COUNTRY BOY" a # 3 song on the independent country music charts!!!

In April, 2006, DeLon was informed that he had been ranked # 68 on the "RAMGATIE TOP 200 AIRPLAY CHART". This chart is compiled and published by Joyce Ramgatie in The Netherlands. The competition on this world-wide chart exceeds a total of 3,000 artists each week, who are competing for air-play time on radio around the world. DeLon made a rapid climb up this chart and for the week of June 23, 2006 through June 30, 2006, he was ranked # 1. And, for the period of June 23, 2006, through November 23, 2006, a period of twenty-one consecutive weeks, DeLon has now been ranked #1 SIX times and #2 NINE times, and #3 FIVE times, and #4 ONE time.

DeLon ran his consecutive streak to 33 weeks in a row of being ranked in the "top 20" and as of February 11, 2007, was ranked # 19, an impressive run of over eight months on this chart.

DeLon has also recently found out, that his music is now being played in the Czeck Republic and Tokyo, Japan, as the world of country music keeps expanding.

In 1996, DeLon conferred with Skeeter Davis, his long-time personal friend and sister in Christ about what he wanted to do, regarding a career in country music. She directed him to John Rees, who became his producer, music arranger and keyboard player on his first album and his future albums. John assembled an all-star cast of musicians, including Weldon Myrick and Hal Rugg, both members of the steel guitar player's Hall of Fame, and former members of the Grand Ole Opry staff band. Jimmy Capps, on lead guitar, and still a member of the Grand Ole Opry staff band, lends his many skills to DeLon's music, also. Miss Skeeter Davis passed away on September 19, 2004 and she will be missed by so many, who knew her. The album "Traditional Country", released in 1997, was dedicated to her and her on-going battle with cancer. She fought a good fight. DeLon and Skeeter had been friends and fellow Christians for over thirty years. And, sadly, Hal Rugg, also lost his battle with cancer during the summer of 2005. DeLon and Hal had been friends and fellow Christians since working on this album, beginning in 1996. His musical talents shall be missed, but moreso, the man himself.

DeLon, a former pro baseball player and businessman, launched his career in 1997, when he went to Nashville to began recording this album. He is an active physical fitness buff, working out 5-6 times per week. He plays fast-pitch baseball regularly, when not out performing in concert. All of this exercise helps him to remain a "flat belly" as the much younger current stars of Nashville country music are called.

In his album, "Traditional Country", DeLon covers past classic hit songs, made famous by Eddy Arnold and Jim Reeves, who was DeLon's inspiration and major influence for his beginning interest in country music. You will hear his versions of "MAKE THE WORLD GO AWAY"; "HE'LL HAVE TO GO"; AND "FOUR WALLS". And, as DeLon likes to say, "we country-fied a couple of songs, "HELP ME MAKE IT THROUGH THE NIGHT" and "I LOVE HOW YOU LOVE ME", using only the basic country instruments and adding a sax to give them a "country-doo-wop sound". His self-penned songs are written from the heart, allowing you to enjoy the stories, the love songs, and the good feelings associated with them.

DeLon continues to be a voting member of the CMA(Country Music Association), after having met the qualifications for membership in 2002.

You will also want to look in on his album at CDBaby, "HIGHWAYS OF LIFE" where you will find DeLon has written 11 original songs on this 12-song album.

You can listen to samples of DeLon's music, view all his CDs including his latest CD "Heart To Heart", & purchase his CDs by clicking here.




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