Country Singer Dillon Finn- 16 year old country music singer
One of the best 16-year-old country music singers on Planet Earth! A member in good standing of country singer association Young Guns Of Country Music


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Harrison Ford & Dillon Finn


   That's Dillon Finn when he was only 12 years old standing beside an international superstar. In March of 1999 Dillon performed at "THE CONNIE STEVENS' CELEBRITY EXTRAVAGANZA" in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. He received a standing ovation and was invited back for the show in 2000. Of course, he showed up again in 2000. What young aspiring entertainer wouldn't show up to be in the company of superstars like Debbie Reynolds, Connie Stevens, and Harrison Ford, just to name a few.
   It may be hard to imagine a quiet, 12 year old from Idaho in front of a packed audience and meeting celebrities, but when he picks up a guitar and starts picking and singing one of his original songs you know that he belongs on stage with the greatest of entertainers.

Jerry Mac & Dillon Finn

Dillon Finn & Jerry Mac
"Mixing Fun With Pleasure In Florida"

   Here is a picture of Jerry Mac and Dillon Finn at a friends home in Cape Coral, FL. Dillon and his grandparents, Al and Marie Brown, spent two weeks in Florida with Jerry Mac while Jerry Mac was producing a music video for Dillon. Everyone had a great time during those two weeks, especially during the shooting of the scenes on the video at picturesque Sanibel Island, the island that, in this writers opinion, has the most beautiful sunsets on Planet Earth.

A Very Special Moment In Time

   Hello, I am Jerry Mac. I must tell the story behind the song I am about to ask you to play. Dillon Finn was only 11 years old when his grandpa, Al Brown brought him the idea and some lyrics for a song that was to be entitled, "Heartbreakin' Heartbroken woman". Now keep in mind, that at this time Dillon Finn was only 11 years old. Dillon decided he wanted to place the finishing touches on the song, so he did. The song ended up being written by Al and Dillon with Dillon writing all the music. They brought the song to me in Nashville. By this time Dillon was 12. I contacted my friends, Clinton Gregory and Tabby Crabb, and asked them if they wanted to participate in the recording of this young man. I convinced these two very excellent and celebrated musicians that, even though Dillon was only 12, he was definitely worthy of being in the studio with these two musical giants.
   Both Tabby and Clinton are well seasoned pros when it comes to entertaining live or participating in projects in the studio. Clinton is one of the most respected musicians in Nashville, who at one time was a major label act with hits like "If It Wasn't For Country Music, I'd Go Crazy". Clinton has written many songs that you would be familiar with if I mentioned them here. Tabby is the one that played the piano for Mickey Gilley once Mickey got real famous and started being a FRONT MAN and standing up to sing his number one hit songs. Can you imagine how good a piano player you have to be to play the piano for as great a piano player as Mickey Gilley. Tabby owns Flatwood Studio just east of Nashville in the beautiful rolling hills of Tennessee where so many well known acts have recorded with Tabby engineering and producing.
   We all set aside a day to record one song of Dillon's at Flatwood Studio. It didn't take long for Clinton and Tabby to realize that there was something very special about this kid. Keep in mind that Dillon had never been in a setting like this. I remember Clinton asking me, "Do you think this kid is someone we all should know that's been reincarnated?" He continued to say, "It's unbelievable to me that Dillon has never done this before. He must be a prodigy child or something."
   If you want to hear the results of this moment in time, click here. (HEARTBREAKIN' HEARTBROKEN WOMAN - written by Dillon Finn & Al Brown - produced by Jerry Mac - engineered by Tabby Crabb - Dillon Finn on guitar and vocals - Clinton Gregory on guitar, bass, & fiddle - Tabby Crabb on piano and drums.)
Jerry Mac

   Now! Here is a video of an interview with Dillon Finn by Kathy Johnson & Jeanne Seale while Dillon was in Florida. The manner in which this video was produced was in such a way to be viewed on TV or DVD, so the file is quite large, and it could take 7 or 8 minutes to download or longer, according to your internet connection. Believe me! It's worth the wait to see this very young talented individual interviewed when he was only 13. Click here  to viiew video.

   Dillon has been playing guitar and singing since he was six. He has been competing in music contests since he was 8 and winning. Almost all of his success has come from his natural talent. He's had only limited training.
   "What we do is try to support him," his mother, Denise Finn says. "A person came up to me one time and chastised me for pushing him. I just had to laugh. It's his own dream."
   During the "WHOOPEE DAYS CELEBRATION" in his home state of Idaho he performed on a float during the parade.
   At "THE JIMMY DEAN-TRUE VALUE COUNTRY SHOWDOWN STATE FINALS" on July 8, 1999 in Idaho Falls, Idaho Dillon was the only child of the 25 contestants. He sang the song, "SIX ANGELS OF HER OWN" which was co-written by Dillon and his grandfather, Al Brown. He received a standing ovation and was carried on two contestant's shoulders when he was announced the first place winner.
   "When I go on stage, I just do what I want to do," Dillon says. "When I am having a bad day I won't move around on stage. On a good day it's pretty much the opposite."
   Dillon's grandfather, who co-writes with Dillon, is impressed with how Dillon handles himself on stage. "He really puts feelings into his work," Dillon's grandfather, Al Brown says. "When he's not feeling very good he can slack, but not much."
   Although Dillon has celebrity status to those who know his talent, he likes to do more than just sing, write and play the guitar. He also enjoys baseball, motor sports, riding horses and rodeo. "I like doing what most teenagers do," Dillon says. "I team roped with my Dad (Jeff Finn) once. Next week I'm riding a steer."
   "I feel fortunate to get to go to other places. A lot of other teenagers don't get to do that, but I still enjoy just being a teenager," Dillon says.
   Dillon spent 3 weeks in Nashville, TN in June of 1999 where he participated in a special showcase presented by PLANET EARTH MUSIC GROUP & JERRY MAC ENTERPRISES. This show was on a big stage outside, near OPRYLAND, during Fanfare 1999. Dillon, his grandfather, Al Brown, and his grandmother, Marie Brown, had met Jerry Mac, one of Nashville's best known personalities, in 1998. Jerry Mac & his wife Barbara Jean were doing a show on music row at that time. Jerry Mac had Dillon sing at this time, and was so impressed that he arranged for Dillon to also sing at THE WORLD FAMOUS "HALL OF FAME LOUNGE". Yes, Dillon, who at that time was only 10, was complemented on the job he did by some of the greatest songwriters and singers in the world. "THE HALL OF FAME LOUNGE" is a regular hangout for people in the music industry in Nashville. Some that were there that night still ask Jerry Mac how that kid from Idaho is doing, and Jerry Mac always tells them, "Just keep listening-before long the world will know how Dillon is doing." Jerry Mac has a lot of praise for Dillon. Jerry Mac says, "Dillon is extremely talented as a writer of great melodies and as a singer, but what I like about him most of all is his attitude. I was in Memphis in the 50's when things were really happening there. There was something we called the "IT" back in those days that a lot of those Memphis acts had. (ELVIS, JERRY LEE, CHARLIE RICH, GENE SIMMONS, ACE CANNON, BILL BLACK, CARL PERKINS, JOHNNY CASH, etc.) I recognized the "IT" in these people before the rest of the world did, and I recognize it in Dillon Finn today. And I am not the only one who recognizes it. When I took Dillon to Flatwoods Studio, and produced the song, "HEART BROKEN HEART BREAKING WOMAN" on Dillon, the owner of the Studio, Tabby Crabb, was just as impressed as I was. International recording artist, Clinton Gregory, said that he was tickled to death to meet an 11 year old that had as much talent as Dillon had. (Dillon was only 11 at the time of this recording). Clinton played on this recording and so did Tabby. Yep, Dillon Finn has "IT"."
   "I want to make singing a career," Dillon says

Dillon Finn music can be heard at Inside Nashville Jukebox.


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