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Donald Lee Burns

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   Donald Lee Burns was born in Connersville, Indiana September 1, 1973. His musical influences began early in life as family and friends would gather at their house for a Click here to enlarge picture of country music singer, Donald Lee burns homespun version of "The Grand Ole Opry". As his father played the guitar or banjo, Donald Lee would be at his feet with a mandolin which only had two strings on it, but no matter, he would "beat time" as the saying goes, keeping rhythm with the band. Donald Lee's mother was also a major musical influence as she sang many of the current hits of the day by Loretta Lynn, Connie Smith, Jeanie Pruitt and many others.  Donald Lee's favorite times early in life centered around music.
   In school Donald Lee was into sports. He was active in Little League Baseball and Basketball. His favorite subjects were History and Science. To this day, his favorite channel on the tube is the History Channel. During Junior High, Donald Lee started playing in bands. The first band he was ever in was his band, "Piwacket"! (The name of the cat in Alice in Wonderland). Even stranger is the fact that they did all their rehearsing in a Pentecostal Church. Donald Lee says, "for a long time the only song we could really play together as a band was "Sweet Home Alabama", and we would play it over and over and over in that Pentecostal Church". The band consisted of two guitars (Donald Lee played lead guitar, a Fender Telecaster) bass and drums. The strangest part of all is that Donald Lee's math teacher who played acoustic guitar was also in the band. "Piwacket" eventually began to play in local clubs and before long was booked three nights a week. Donald Lee was "hooked". He knew music was his calling without a doubt. For the next four years "Piwacket" had lots of success. After that time, changes in the lineup began to occur and the band went through several name changes, ultimately becoming the "Hoosier Maniacs". As the "Hoosier Maniacs" they achieved Top Five status in the Indiana Music Awards two years running.
   After 4 years of gigging steadily in the same area Donald Lee began to burn out. He had a job opportunity at the local Ford Motor Plant and decided maybe he should see what a regular job was like. It didn't take long before he was writing five or six songs a day as he worked on the assembly line. He would go home and record those in his little home studio and play them for neighbors and friends. One of his brother's neighbors suggested he go to Nashville with his songs and gave him the name of a contact person. That contact person just happened to work for Mel Tillis and the rest is history. That contact person loved Donald Lee's songs and began to work with Donald Lee in an effort to get him signed to a recording contract.
   Nashville and the music business in general  have lots of ups and downs, and Donald Lee experienced plenty of those. He came close to being signed by several major labels but was never quite in the right place at the right time. Along the way, he co-wrote such hit songs as "Storm In The Heartland" which Billy Ray Cyrus recorded and scored a Million-Selling record with "Simple Minded Heart" which was a big hit for Gene Watson. Eventually, Donald Lee came to the attention of CCR Records and is now signed to their roster. As of this writing, his first single, "Where Does Love Go (When It's Gone)", from the forthcoming album "Where Does Love Go" is being shipped to radio.

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