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 The Drew Young Band
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Location: New York, New York, USA
Description: Lush Folk Pop
Biography: Drew is a recent arrival to the Big Apple, having moved here to finish his latest CD. After living 3 years in New Orleans' French Quarter, Atlanta transplant and resident songwriter-at-large Drew Young cannot help but feel at home. Prior to his relocations, Drew was the founding member and driving force behind Atlanta/Athens favorite pop band Ruben Kincaid. When asked about his moves to New Orleans and then to New York, Drew replies "We (Ruben Kincaid) used to play both cities all the time, and it always felt so mysterious and scary and enticing. I guess you could say I was seduced." No Good at Being Cool is Drew's sophomore solo release. Together with producer Glen Tarachow and an amazing array of New Orleans' best musicians and New York City's finest engineers, this album was born. This simmering stew of memorable tunes is not unlike a gumbo - A myriad sampling of life experiences and observations thrown together and cooked down. The resulting mixture is deep and rich, subtle and complex, enticing and spicy. Subsequent listenings offer more depth and insight into the characters that inhabit Drew's musical milieu. When asked about the project, Drew offers: "When you're a musician, your whole world is upside-down. The family wants you to get a REAL job. You sleep while folks are working, and you're working when 'respectable' people are asleep. I can't help but be affected by this... The beauty of New Orleans (aside from Audobon Park) was that EVERYTHING there was upside-down, so I felt at home. The energy and vitality of New York life keeps me sharp and attuned to the sounds on the street, and in my head. My first record was a snapshot of me leaving home and shedding my skin. I guess you could say that this one is me finding my home and learning to live in it. Maybe it's the heat, or the politics, or the way the fog rolls down my street... but there is something musical about everything in my two adopted cities. A never-ending supply of characters to write about, and great musicians with whom to collaborate." This is my photo album for you to listen to. Thanks for listening... Peace, Drew
Press Release:
In a world of vanishing reference points, it's music we veterans use to collect ourselves. Drew is, dare we say it, drunk or thinking drunk most of the time, and by that definition, conquering all our fear and concerns by not taking things too seriously. But Drew is not talking any shit. Here is someone who survived his own adolescence. He intoxicates real life with stories and observations that can only come from hard years in the craft. Just hear the chords and the changes against his salmagundi of lyrics hewn of the finest people watching, bar room speculation, and soul searching. The regrets in "Ordinary Day", very much like he's airing out his head. Other songs are reminiscient of a younger Bob Dylan conversing with an older Lisa Loeb in a timeless, time-in-a-bottle place. Drew's years in Baton Rouge and New Orleans come through in the open sounds of his acoustic guitar on "Come To Me". And yet he has NYC sophistication, especially in the drums, from the background of very seamless production. Drew Young goes down very smooth. Smooth like a mountain stream. Note the comparison to a fine lager. Straight up, it's the kind of music that belongs in a cold glass for when you're free to kick back. If your life had very atmospheric, in-the-narrative, unobtrusive music telling of desperations and subtleties, it would be Drew Young's latest, "No Good At Being Cool", a meditation on how he managed to stop thinking so much and just go with it, whatever it is. When you make for the time for the drive through Big Sky Montana with someone next to you, you'll want a copy of "Come To Me" playing on your stereo, while you stare at how big it really is.

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