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Ellie Jordan

In Ellie's Own Words

   I have worked in theatre in chorus lines. I have sang in many bands, and country music is where my heart is. I grew up on Elvis and country music. My dad was a singer, and I always wanted to sing country. My dream has always been to sing at the Grand Ole Opry and to meet the greats like Dolly Parton, Crystal Gayle, and others. I love Tanya Tucker, Trisha Yearwood, Lori Morgan, Martina McBride, Reba McEntire, Alison Krauss, Bobby Gentry, Ann Murray, and Billie Jo Spears. The list is almost endless. I did performing arts at college, and I write my own songs. I've had poems published in poetry competitions. I play guitar and keyboard. I love singing and feel lost without it. I am married with 3 children. I live in England in a small country town. I used to love singing and playing guitar with my dad when he was alive. He was a great singer. My mom is Irish from Southern Ireland. I am the youngest of 3 girls. I was born in a small country town but grew up in a big city in England. My life is a country song and I wanna sing it.
Ellie Jordan



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