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Young & Free, a country music duet consisting of Kent Freeborn & BJ Young, is presented here by Country Music Planet.


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Young & Free
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   Young & Free is a country music duet that consist of 2 very talented country music singers, B. J. Young & Kent Freeborn. Each of them has had his & her own career in country music, but have now joined forces to become one of the best country music duets in the 21st century.

   Young & Free can be found on most Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, & Sunday nights in the chat room at Country Music Planet Social Network participating in a radio show presented there by Jerry Mac. Young & Free invite you to come and join them in chat while their music and the music of other great country music singers are being presented there. The times of the shows there are from 5 to 9 PM Eastern time. All you need to do to join them there is to become a member of Country Music Planet Social Network. After logging in click on "chat" near the top right of any page at the network. Click here to join or sign in. It is absolutely free.

Below is an MP3 album by Young & Free entitled "Young & Free"
Listen before you purchase. This is a 12 song album.
Download individual songs for 99 cents.
Download entire 12 song album for $9.00 (75 cents per song).


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