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Music Highway Songwriters Association
Jumpin' Gene Simmons
Award Winning Songwriter

Song #1
Indian Outlaw
BMI Award Winning Song!

All Songs Copyrighted
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Without You
Could be an award winning song

   Gene Simmons is an award winning songwriter with 131 songs listed in his repertoire at BMI. Some of these songs were written with other well established songwriters and some well know individuals. For Award winning country music songwriter, Jumpin' Gene Simmonsexample: Gene wrote "Batman" with Elvis Presley's best friend, George Klein. He wrote "Indian Outlaw", the award winning song that's posted at this web site, with Tommy Barnes who wrote Hank Williams, Jr's hit, "Man To Man". Tommy, also, wrote "I Fell", a hit single that was recoded by Brady Seals; Tommy wrote "My Love" with Brady Seals and Porter Howell that was a hit single for Little Texas. Gene wrote the song "Without You" that's posted here with well established songwriter, Tony Stampley. Tony wrote "Where's The Dress" with Bucky Lindsey and George H. Cimmings, Jr. that was recoded by hit making recording artist Moe Bandy. "Where's The Dress" was, also, recorded by DUO OF THE YEAR AWARD WINNERS Joe Stampley and Moe Bandy. Tony, also wrote "Doctor Jesus" with Justin Thomas Bolen that was recorded by hit making recording artist, Ken Melons. Tony, also, wrote "Houston, We Have A Problem" with Troy Martin and Hank Williams, Jr.. Tony, also, wrote "I'll Still Be Loving You" with David Wayne Rossen that was recorded by hit making recording artist Joe Stampley. Tony, also, wrote "I've Been Down" with Bobby Keel and Hank Williams, Jr.. Tony, also, wrote "If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It with hit making recording artist John Anderson who recorded the song. I could go on and on about the songs Tony has written, but that's enough about him. After all, this songwriters site is Jumpin' Gene Simmons. We only went into so much detail about the songwriter, Tony Stampley, to let all singers looking for songs to record know that the song "Without You" wasn't written by just 1 hit writer, but 2. We really believe that this could be a hit song for the right singer.
      The above mentioned writers are not the only well established songwriters that have co written with Gene. There are way too many to mention here. All singers interested in recording music written by Jumpin' Gene Simmons need to e-mail
      Gene is not only a hit songwriter. He's, also, a hit recording artist that had "Haunted House" on top of the charts in 1964. We have another site dedicated to Jumpin' Gene Simmons, the recording artist. Click here to go there.

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