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Griffith and Cross

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   From the early age of three Tommy (Griffith) would sing and perform for family and friends when visiting their homes with songs such as “Shake Rattle and Roll” and “Amazing Grace”. As the years passed his interest in music became greater he began forming his own rock and roll groups with names such as “The Brevadeers” and “The Deluxe 7”, until his interest changed from rock and roll to country. He then formed a group with his family called “The Blue Rain Trio”, consisting of his brother David and cousin Neal. This group played for many local institutions and stages such as the “Country Music Jamboree” in Charleston West Virginia and the “Mountain State Opry” in Milton, West Virginia.
   TW then decided to start his own Gospel family group called “The Griffith Gospel Singers”. This group currently sings in West Virginia, Ohio, and Virginia, in churches and auditoriums from 2 to 6 times a week. They have made 4 albums and TW wrote many of the songs on those albums. They were also regulars on local gospel radio stations WVHF and WKLC for seven years on Saturday mornings.
   So too has Kathy (Cross) sang for family and friends and was so taken by music Kathy joined the band “Cross Country” entertaining at clubs and fairs all over West Virginia, she was also a member of her high school show choir and won all state 3 years in a row, then received a scholarship to Alderson Broaddus college, singing for the West Virginian’s and toured over the eastern United States. While a member of The West Virginian’s an album and video were made. Kathy also was a competitor in the Wrangler Showdown where she won first place. She had the privilege of recording for Comstock Records recording a single, “Lies” (an original song) that was released as a European Promotion.
   Tommy and Kathy met in the summer of 2001 at a benefit in Charleston, West Virginia. Soon after they formed the duo of Griffith & Cross. They can be seen singing for fairs, festivals conventions, parties, and benefits (like the Cancer Society Walk for Life) in West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, and Virginia. Their spectacular natural talent and hard work during these performances capture their listeners through their vocal deliveries and stage presence that entertain audiences of any venue.
   Griffith & Cross have opened with some of Nashville’s finest, Exile, John Conley and most recently Ricky Lynn Greg. Presently they are entertaining all over the Tri-State area.
   In December of 2002, Griffith & Cross signed with KMA Recording studios to record their first CD of all new material. This CD is now available. Click here to view this CD, listen to the music, and to order the CD.
   To invite Griffith & Cross to sing at your event, or to see where they are performing next go to their official web site at

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