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Heather Taylor
"Independent Country Entertainer"

   Heather Taylor is an independent singer and songwriter. September of 1998, just a month before her 29th birthday, Heather's career was faced with a personal battle. Her career and life were put on hold when she was told that she had mass tumors in her lung; and, more than likely, there was no surgery for her. Two years later, Heather lived to tell her story of her own personal war. She has written a song that she strongly believes saved her life. The grass is greener, the sky is blue, pink, purple and more amazing than she remembers it ever being. Please read Heather's story in her own words.
Ladonna Capps

   This web page was created to tell the world about a young lady whose story needs to be told. It is an extreme pleasure on the part of all involved with "The Country Music Planet" to bring to the attention of all our web site visitors the true story of HEATHER TAYLOR. Thank you in advance for visiting Heather's site.
Jerry Mac

Heather & "The War"

The story in Heather's own words:

     It all started in 1992 when I was diagnosed with what doctors referred to as a fluke tumor in my groin. The tumor was removed and I was sent home. They said I would never get it again. They were wrong.

Diagnosis, Surgery and Treatment:

     While working in my kitchen, September of 1998, I developed a backache. The next day, I was also having trouble breathing so I went to a walk-in clinic to see if they could give me something to make me more comfortable. The doctor, thinking I might have pneumonia, did a lung x-ray and seemed puzzled as she looked at it. I told her that I had cancer six years before, and she immediately sent me for a CT scan. The CT scan showed a mass of tumors on my lung. The doctors didn't think there was a surgery as there was a widespread mass of tumors. The oncologist, Dr. Wheelock, heard of a surgical procedure known as "cherry picking" where they actually pluck the tumors from the lung.
     I was referred to Dr. William Polk and the surgery took place on
October 6, 1998. It was during this time that I started attending meetings at "Gilda's Club". If it wasn't for "Gilda's Club", I would not be here today.
     I was in chemotherapy from November 1998 till February 1999. My hair fell out. I became dependent on heavy pain medication, and I was depressed. I didn't pick up my guitar for months. I was so sick and weak that I couldn't sing without becoming breathless. I remember watching a new music video on CMT and crying over all I had worked for in the last ten years. Now it seemed cancer was going to take it all away from me. It was during this time that I stared at a bottle of pain pills and thought how easy it would be to just end all of that pain and depression. Then an amazing anger flowed through me. I had not worked this hard and sacrificed so much to just give into this! I was going to fight and I was determined that I was going to beat this thing! February of 1999 was my last scheduled chemotherapy treatment. A few weeks later I went for my first CT scan since chemo and was told I was in the clear for now. It was suggested that I come in every few months for a scan. 

The War:

     It was in February 1999 that I made an appointment with my writing partner, friend and mentor, Mark Oliverius. I told him about the song idea I had, "The War". I talked about the people I met at "Gilda's Club". There were so many survivors. I was one of them now. We were survivors because we fought the battle, and that was the only way to win the war. These words saved my life and I needed to share them. We wrote "The War" that day.

"Gilda's Club":

    I sang "The War" at a Gilda's Club Talent Night. It was the first time many of my Gilda's friends had heard it. There were a lot of tears. I was approached by many people asking for a copy. I was honored that so many people found strength in the words to my song. These were the very words that saved my life. I made copies and gave to everyone that asked for one.
     Mark and I recorded "The War" at his studio and Debbie Lyle of We Make Tapes donated the tape copies to me. My goal is to get a copy into the hands of anyone who asks for one at no charge. If my song is recorded by a well known artist, and I receive royalties, a majority of the money will go to "Gilda's Club" in Nashville. I credit all the wonderful people at Gilda's for most of my recovery. Yes, we need doctors and all the technology but we also need the emotional support which Gilda's provides.

Where Do I Go From Here?:

     These days success to me is measured much differently than it was a few years ago. I'm writing again but with a new attitude. I'm not focusing on commercial so much as I am "real". I'm going to keep writing songs and plugging "The War" until we get that big cut! I've been advised not to give up of my royalties on the song when it's recorded. I don't have a problem with giving to Gilda's Club. It's my turn now to give back to Gilda's and others. I survived for a reason. Maybe God wants me to be a voice. Maybe I was given this challenge to show that people can survive if they have the will to live. I survived and now it's my turn to give.

For a copy of "The War" please write to:

Heather Taylor
658 N. Ann Avenue
Gallatin, TN 37066

Donations for Gilda's Club can be mailed directly to:

Gilda's Club Nashville
1033 18th Avenue South
Nashville, Tennessee 37212



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