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Picture Number 1

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A few folks in attendance the day this picture was taken. It was during fanfare sometimes in the 90s.
Jerry Mac (The man who has introduced more household names from stage than you can even begin to imagine) 
Danny Shirley (Lead singer of the chart topping country group, Confederate Railroad) 
Arron Boswell (Curb Records Recording Artist) 
Jumpin' Gene Simmons (Co-writer of "Indian Outlaw")
Tommy Barnes (Co-writer of "Indian Outlaw")
Earl Clark (Award winning country music songwriter)
Trent Tomlinson (Country music songwriter with many chart topping songs)
Toby Keith (Country music super star)
David Lowe (Country music songwriter with many chart topping songs)
Craig Martin & Larry Johnson (Co-writers of "Don't Take The Girl")
Jerry Lassiter (Co-writer of "Down On The Farm")
Wayne Perry (Award winning country music songwriter)
Barbara Haney (Owner of "World Famous Barbara's in Printers Alley)
Hundred of more celebrities and thousands of fans

Picture number 2

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The owner of Houndogs, Flash Flanagan, and Kenny Chesney before Kenny became a household name. Kenny sang for tips at Houndogs along with Tim McGraw and many others.
Flash Flanagan (The Friend To The Stars) - If it wasn't for Flash, where would Tim McGraw, Kenney Chesney, and so many others be today. Flash gave them a place to showcase their talent before the rest of the world knew who they were.
Kenny Chesney (A country music super star who paid his dues and deserves to be where he is today in the hearts of millions of country music fans.) Like so many other country music singers that are household names today, Kenny had to start somewhere. One of the places where he honed his talent was at Flash's Houndogs. As this is being written, Kenny is touring all over the world and performing in front of thousands upon thousands of country music lovers and Kenny Chesney lovers in particular. Kenny has won a lot of young music lovers over to country that wouldn't be listening to country if it wasn't for him.

Picture number 3

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Left To Right.
Fred Cortez, Flash Flanagan, Toby Keith

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Who's your Daddy

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Message From Jerry Mac

   To be completly honest about it, I don't remember if Toby ever sang at Houndogs or not, but I know for a fact that I saw him eating the hot dogs.
   When I was emceeing shows at Barbara's in Printers Alley, Toby use to come in there a lot. That was before he became the super star he is today. I can't think of anyone more deserving of the way he's been accepted by the public. He is not only a great entertainer, he's, also, a fine human being.
Jerry Mac

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One of the great songwriters that sang for tips at Houndogs

Tommy Barnes (Referred to as "The Roger Miller Of The Nineties"). Tommy is one of Nashville's most successful songwriters. Here are just a few of the songs he wrote: "Indian Outlaw" which was Tim McGraw's first big hit; "Man To Man" that everyone but Hank, Jr. said Hank wouldn't cut, but Hank did and we all heard it WOW! WHAT A GREAT SONG FOR HANK, JR.; "My Love" which was a hit for Little Texas; "I Fell" which is one of the best songs Brady Seals ever recorded; "All Over Town" that was recorded by T G Sheppard; "Better Way" which was recorded by Little Texas; "Country As A Boy Can Be" that was recorded by Brady Seals; "Dog House Blues" that was recorded by Ricky Lynn Gregg; "Forget About Forgetting You" which was recorded by Little Texas; "I don't Need No Lover Boy" by Celinda Pink; "I Wish I Had A Job To Shove" by The Geezinslaws; "In Our Father's Eyes" which was a Step One Records release; "Less Than A Minute" by Western Flyer; "Still Standing Tall" by Brady Seals; "Too Many Honky Tonks On My Way Home" was recorded by one of the stars of The Dukes Of Hazard, Tom Wopat; "When She Wakes Up" by Tim McGraw; "You Ain't Leaving Me Without You" by Celinda Pink; "You Wont Mind The Rain" by Hank Williams, Jr.; and that ain't all!

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