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Jerry Mac CDs


Jerry Mac CDs

Jerry Mac CDs

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   The country music industry is exploding. Within the next twelve months, due to the rapid advancements in multimedia tools available on the world wide web, there will be dramatic increases in the number of country music albums sold on the internet. The internet gives the independent country music singer an opportunity never before available for exposure that equals the exposure of major label acts. This exposure will not only increase the number of albums sold by the independent artist, but will also increase their payments at live performances. The number of individuals and corporations on the internet is already astronomical and is continually growing at a tremendous rate. In the past independent artist in the country music field had only an opportunity to get recognition on a local or regional level. Now, because of all the recent developments in multimedia communications, their exposure and popularity has been extended to encompass the entire planet.
   The world is craving more and more country music and the demand for quality performers has literally reached a crisis point. On many broadcast networks, what the program directors want you to hear is the only viable option. Reliving of old themes in country music are now commonplace to the country music lover, and only the independent artists have the freedom to express their talents without the input of unfeeling, big shot producers that have lost touch with the common man and woman that are the heart and soul of country music.
   Where are all the great country singers coming from? Well, 90% of all independent record productions today are funded by private money. This creates a tremendous opportunity for private investment capital. At "Investments In Country Music Investment Group" we are constantly looking at the new country singers appearing on the scene. We have the best of connections in the heart of the country music industry located in Nashville, TN. Every aspiring country music artist on the globe eventually ends up in Nashville' and we have our fingers on the pulse beat there. We can assure the potential investor that we come in contact with more aspiring country music singers than anyone else on planet earth. We carefully screen them, their past performance and their record of success. We look at their attitudes. Are they winners? Only after we know for sure that they are potential superstars do we add them to our recommendation list. Thus, we greatly minimize investment risk and create a greater opportunity for success.
   Here at "Investments In Country Music Investments Group" we carefully select the entertainers that are offering the most profitable returns. We then match the investor profile with the entertainer that we feel best suits their needs.
   Country Music is an industry which is literally recession proof. Through good and bad times people demand to be entertained. With the American stock market at all time highs, volatility and high risk have increased dramatically. If you are looking for high returns in an area that is unaffected by market sentiment, remaining consistent throughout expansion and recession, you owe it to yourself to get the facts on this exciting opportunity.

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   In The Summer of 2002 Jerry Mac was doing shows on Elvis Presley Boulevard, next door to Graceland. 75,000 Elvis fans showed up to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the passing of Elvis Presley. Click here to view photos and learn more about this show.

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