Country Music Planet presents country music singer Jerry Mac
Country Music Planet presents country music singer and country music songwriter Jerry Mac and two of his CDs including A Tribute To Hank Williams, Sr.

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I'm So Afraid Of Losing You Again

Right click on the banner to the right to get a free download of Jerry Mac's song "I'm So Afraid Of Losing You Again". After right clicking, click on "save target as" for the free download. This is one of the most favorite songs that Jerry Mac ever recorded. We have made this song available as a free download to show our appreciation to all who have supported Jerry Mac's music.

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Country Music Planet presents Jerry Mac
Country Singer - Songwriter - Promoter - Publisher
Jerry Mac is a BonTex Records recording artist




   We begin this introduction to Jerry Mac with a promise that it will not take you long to read. It is our desire to express to you our true feelings about this man and his Click here to listen to the interview.contributions to country music.
  Jerry Mac is definitely no spring chicken. He's been around a long time, but still meets life head on with the vigor and enthusiasm of a much younger man. He was born on Christmas Day, 1940, and until this century was performing regularly at some of Nashville's most famous venues. He has entertained thousands upon thousands of tourist in Music City, USA year after year. The folks came from all over the world to Nashville, and it was amazing how many of them would start asking where Jerry Mac was doing his show even before they checked into their motel. But he wasn't hard to find, because he's known and liked by so many of the Nashville insiders. He may have been doing his show on stage at one of the clubs in World Famous Printers Alley, or he could have been doing one somewhere out near Opryland in Music Valley, or maybe he was somewhere on Music Row. He may have been doing his show in a nice club with the white table cloths and all, or he may have been performing in a real Honky Tonk, or he could have been somewhere on stage outside or maybe under a tent. There was one thing you could be assured of, however. Wherever Jerry Mac was, there was a show going on, and people were having fun.
  The old timers in Memphis remember Jerry from his earlier days. Yep, Jerry Mac was there when it was happening. I'm writing of the '50's. Jerry Mac was 16 in 1957 when he was working at the now "WORLD FAMOUS MEMPHIAN THEATRE" which was made world famous due to the fact that ELVIS would rent the theatre. Jerry Mac was the kid that served ELVIS and his entourage their popcorn and cokes during those late night hours. He recalls fondly the 1st time he met "THE KING".
   Yes, Jerry Mac has been associated with a lot of folks in the entertainment industry. A list of his friends would read like a WHO'S WHO OF THE ENTERTAINMENT WORLD. It would be easier to list the entertainers he doesn't know than to list the ones he does know. However, if you want to know more about Jerry Mac, you can read the book, "JERRY MAC, COUNTRY TO THE BONE". The book will be available at your favorite book stores and on the internet in January of 2013.
   Jerry Mac is not only a singer/songwriter but is one of the most sought after MASTER OF CEREMONIES in the entertainment industry. Click here to view the press releases that was issued on charity shows that Jerry Mac participated in on Feb. 21st & 22, 1998.

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   In The Summer of 2002 Jerry Mac was doing shows on Elvis Presley Boulevard, next door to Graceland. 75,000 Elvis fans showed up to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the passing of Elvis Presley. Click here to view photos and learn more about this show.

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