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Information presented by The Country Music Planet for country music entertainers who want to get their country music songs on Inside Nashville Jukebox

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Information for country music singers who desire to have their music heard on Inside Nashville Jukebox.

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      Maybe you have a web site or maybe you don't. It doesn't matter whether you do or not. If you are a country singer, you need your music on the Internet at Inside Nashville Jukebox; because, regardless of how many other places your music is posted, you will get extra exposure on Inside Nashville Jukebox. This web site is getting over 400,000 hits a month month, and a lot of them are listening to the music on The Jukebox. Let's face it, even if you were Elvis and you had your music on The Jukebox, not every visitor is going to be listening to your music; but some of them will be listening to you. There's no way that we can guarantee how many will listen to your songs; but we do know that if 10% listen to your songs, that your music will be being heard by an additional more than 40 thousand country music fans, producers, managers, booking agents, and promoters per month. Some of them will more than likely want to contact you to purchase your CD or possibly discuss helping you with your music career.
      On the jukebox you will get equal billing with the stars, and you'll be able to tell all your friends that you are on the same jukebox as the major label acts. As a matter of fact, we are continuing adding major label acts' music to The Jukebox as we are getting instructions to do so.

Reasons For Having Your Music On Inside Nashville Jukebox!

  • Access to your music will be exposed to somewhere around 3 million new listeners in the next year.

  • Bonus - We are going to put your CDs for sale at The CD Planet with all the extra benefits that entails at no extra cost. Click here to see what extras you get with this. Close out that window when you are through there to come back here.

  • There will be 2 links to your site at The Country Music Planet through your 2 songs on the jukebox. (Yep! You will have a new site which is one of the bonuses of having your CDs for sale at The CD Planet.) 

  • You will be on the web site where folks interested only in country music will be visiting, so every member of your target audience will be potential fans of yours.

      Ok! Here is how it works. To begin with you must be approved to be on The Jukebox. If the music and songs are not approved by members of the staff of Inside Nashville Jukebox, you can just forget about being on The Jukebox. We refuse to put sub par material anywhere on our web site. Our reputation is one of delivering the best of music to our visitors.
      To run a site like we are running it cost a lot of money in man hours of developing and maintaining the site, so we are forced to charge something to help off set part of our cost.
      The cost of being on the Jukebox is $99.00 (a one time charge) and this includes 2 of your songs being streamed in real audio to the entire world. For each additional song being placed on the jukebox there will be a one time charge of $50.00 per song. Your music will be streamed in real audio in a way that visitors will be able to listen but will not be able to download. There will be absolutely no download time for the listeners as opposed to mp3 files where one must download the file to listen. We have discovered through the years that most people don't like waiting for songs to download.
      After reading this, if you are interested in being on The Jukebox you need to make sure you visit here and do what it says. What are you waiting for? Do it now.

      In order to offset the cost of us doing business on the Internet, A little bit of advertising space will be used by us on your pages. Hopefully, we can recoup some of of our cost with the advertising. this is the only thing that makes it possible for us to offer this service at such a reasonable price.

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Hello Singer

   Are you ready to meet me in Nashville? I am Jerry Mac, and after many, many, many years in Nashville, I moved up to Philadelphia, PA, so I could be close to my grandchildren; but I love going back to Nashville and producing recordings even though I do some producing in Philadelphia and New York. I have a whole lot of friends in Nashville that just happen to be known all over the world. I want to meet you in Nashville, so I can introduce you to some of my friends. I can be there in pretty quick if I jump on a Plane, or I can drive down in about 15 hours. How long will it take you to get there? Now! I am not headed there to meet you unless there is a purpose, and that purpose should be to produce some music for you.
   Bring your camera, so we can take some good pictures of you in the studio with the great musicians that are going to be playing on the songs.

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