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Song # 1
Goodbye My Love

Song # 2
Gotta Get Out Of Here

Song # 3
I Can't Walk Away

In Karen's Own Words

   I enjoy music and wanted to pursue into the music business. Because of an illness I wasn't able to pursue into the singing of music. So I wanted to pursue in another way, which is through writing songs. I grew up in Okemah, Oklahoma where Woody Guthrie was originally from. I, also, went to school with one of Wade Hayes' guitarist. My brother had met David Carradene. Where we used to live was right across the street from Woody Guthrie's old home. My whole family happened to see David across the street playing his guitar and singing Woody's song, and David had came to Okemah to learn about Woody Guthrie and to make the movie about him. So my brother went across the street to sing with David, and thought he was a nice guy. My mother had met Hank Williams, Jr. and posed in a picture with him. My dream has always been into music ever since I was a little girl. I remember at the age of 3 wanting to sing. I am 39 years old, and I didn't want any obstacles to hold me down. I have 5 songs that I was able to put on demo. The company did do a very good job. I went through paramount in Nashville, but, because of the cost and since I have so many songs, I wasn't able to go through them to do my other songs. The 5 songs I have on demo are "I Can't Walk Away", "Got To Get Out Of Here", "If My Wings Could Fly" "I Was A Little Bent",  and "Goodbye My Love" which was written over a baby I lost at birth. This song was inspired over my daughter I lost: Leandra Louise December the 3oth 1988. She was a twin. But this song is for all the mother's and dad's that have been through this themselves. I have a song that's being sung in churches in Okemah, Oklahoma, also. I feel that song was given to me from God through my hardest times in 1987 (single-parenting). I feel the song, "Goodbye My Love" was meant for me through my hardest times after the loss of my daughter, also. But is for all the other parents that have been through the same ordeal of loosing a child. I happened to receive this song the same day another tragedy occurred in my family. So I know this song is for all parents. It doesn't matter how it happens. It's still a painful experience no matter what. I hope anyone that listens to the songs that I have written will realize that this can help them through the times they need that consolment and comfort. The illness I have is Endometriosis. Which affects the reproductive system. And spreads throughout the system that puts them at a greater risk of cancer. If anyone wants to find out information on this disease here's how to contact them, information the Association can send you.

Endometriosis Association
8585 North 76th place
Milwaukee, WI. 53223 USA
Fax: 414/355-6065

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