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Kenny Vernon
"Country Music Never Got Any Better Than This"

Inside Nashville Country Music Radio Show
Kenny Vernon
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Original Liner Notes Concerning An Album Of Kenny Vernon's In 1970:

   Maybe country western super-stars don't come from any one area more than other areas, but you probably would have a hard time convincing the people around Country music singer & country music songwriter, Kenny Vernon Jackson, Tennessee. They have sent us Eddy Arnold, Carl Perkins, and now-Kenny Vernon!!!!

About seven years ago I made a statement to a close friend and singer-"Some day you'll make it all the way to the top of the music scene." It could have been just a hopeful statement and nothing more, except that it was made about a singer and an entertainer who has never been discouraged despite all the hard work and grinding one-night stands in all size bars and night clubs with seating capacity ranging from nill to thousands. Kenny Vernon is the talent that it has finally started happening for-and-happening in a big way!

   With his treatment of any song, whether his own or someone else's, there is no mistaking the Kenny Vernon talent, hard work, and experience. Kenny is here to stay! If you are not already familiar with his style when you pick up on this album, you'll surely be another Kenny Vernon fan from now on.

   A few hit records does not, as we all know, make a star that shines with enduring brilliance-except when you are talking about a singer like Kenny Vernon. And, I might add, it couldn't have happened to a nicer, more deserving person-a guy who never became discouraged!

Ty Connor K-HOS Radio

A Special Note From Jerry Mac Concerning Kenny Vernon:
If you read the Liner notes above, you read that Kenny Vernon was from Jackson, TN. Well! So was I. We were both born there, and were childhood friends. Kenny was a little older than me, but not much. I met him when I was somewhere around 10 years old. Both of our families were living in a government housing project named Parkview Courts. I lived in 1A and Kenny lived next door to me. Kenny's older brother, Roy, had a 15 minute country music radio show every Saturday morning on WDXI in Jackson, the same station where Wink Martindale began his march to fame. Sometimes the traveling musicians and singers that were on tour and were in Jackson to appear on Roy's radio show would practice in Kenny's back yard on Friday nights before the Saturday morning show. I saw and listened to a lot of country pickers and grinners out in that back yard, and I believe that it had a big influence on me getting involved with country music. Keep in mind that Kenny was only a kid back then, but he was as talented as any musician that ever played in that back yard, and WOW what a singer. Some of those pickers and grinners went on to become house hold names, and some just faded away like some pickers and grinners do. Well! I am here to tell you that Kenny didn't just fade away. He ended up paying his dues as an entertainer out on the west coast around Haggard and that bunch. As a matter of fact, a friend of mine told me he saw him with Merle at the Ryman in Nashville sometimes in 2003, and I saw him with Merle on the David Letterman show in late 2003. It is an honor for me to call someone as talented as Kenny my friend. Bonny Owens, who has been traveling and singing with Merle Haggard for years, told me Kenny Vernon was the greatest singer she ever heard. Considering the source of that comment, a singer couldn't be complimented any more than that.
Jerry Mac

Inside Nashville Country Music Radio Show
Kenny Vernon
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Web Site


Web Site

Web Site

Cash Box Top 50 Country Singles Charts

Side A Side B Number Release Date Peak Cash Box Chart Position Weeks on the Charts
Country Music Circus The Part In Between CH-5075 1970 N/A N/A
Up On Cripple Creek Nashville Union Station Depot CH-5108 1970 N/A N/A


Nashville Union Station Depot

Kenny Vernon


CHS-1038 - (1970)  

Side 1:

Nashville Union Station Depot (John Ferguson - Yonah Music, Inc) BMI

You Wouldnít Know Love (Hank Cockran-Dave Kirby - Tree Pub) BMI

Lodi (J.C. Fogerty - Jondora Music) BMI

The Greatest Love (Joe South - Lowery Music, Inc) BMI

Puzzles Of My Mind (Grant King - Sue Mirl Music) ASCAP


Side 2:

Up On Cripple Creek (Jamie Robertson - Caanan Music, Inc) 

Polk Salad Annie (Tony Joe White - Combine Music) BMI

Country Music Circus (Bob Segarini - Paradox Music-Happydayle Music) BMI

Joseph Lee Cole (Jimmy Hinson - Sue-Mirl Music) ASCAP

The Part In Between (Vernon-Williamson - Yonah Music, Inc) BMI


Produced by:

Cliff Williamson & Slim Williamson


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More about Kenny

Taken from

Musical Syle:  Pop-Country
Talents:  Singer, Songwriter, Guitar, Fiddle, Banjo, Mandolin, Drums

Recommend Record Albums:
"Pickiní Wild Mountain Berries" (Chart)(1970) [With LaWanda Lindsey] "Nashville Union Station Depot" (Chart)(1971)

For a decade from the mid-60ís to the mid-70ís, the blond New Mexico resident Kenny Vernon was a constant occupant of the Country chart without ever scoring a major hit. Kenny was born on a farm and by the time he was age 5, he had started playing guitar. At age 10, Kenny was playing on WDXIís Uncle Tom Williams Farm Hour with Carl Perkins. Kenny began playing fiddle at 14, banjo at 15, mandolin at 16 and drums at 17. After leaving high school, Kenny served as gunnerís mate 3rd Class in the U.S. Navy for two years. While in the service, he put a band together, winning an all-Navy talent contest. This led to him headlining a 45-day tour of the Orient, "Gobs of Fun." He also acted as the midday deejay on the service radio. After leaving the Navy, Kenny won a car in a talent contest in San Diego and sold it for $120.00. He took the money, joined the Musiciansí Union and got a job playing at a San Diego nightclub. After leaving San Diego, he moved to Las Vegas and talked his way into a weekís trial at the Golden Nugget and ended up playing there with his band, Expression, on and off, for over a decade. Kenny cut an album for TWA Records without causing any major action. However, when he played The Caravan East, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the owner, Bob Johnson, signed Kenny to a personal management deal and to his Caravan label. It was on this label that Kenny had his first Country entry when It Makes You Happy (To Know You Make Me Blue), in 1966, reached the Top 50. At the end of 1968, Kenny signed with Chart Records and was teamed with LaWanda Lindsey. The following year, they had a Top 60 single, Eye to Eye. In 1970, they had his biggest hit, Pickiní Wild Mountain Berries, which went Top 30. They ended the year with Letís Think About Where Weíre Going, which just fell short of the Top 50. The following year, they had their final chart duet, The Crawdad Song, which went Top 50. In 1972, Kenny moved to Capitol Records. Produced by Earl Ball, Kenny reached the Top 60 with a reprise of Thatíll Be the Day, which went Top 60. During 1973 and 1974, Kenny had three final chart records, Feel So Fine and Lady (1973) and What Was Your Name Again (1974), the most successful being the Top 60 Feel So Fine. Kenny now raises quarter horses on his farm in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and continues to entertain in Las Vegas.

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