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Lisa O'Kane, country music singer & country music songwriter, is presented here by The country Music Planet.

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Lisa O'Kane

   There is no false show-biz bravado to Lisa O'Kane. She is delightfully down to earth, easy to talk to, caring and warm. Lisa O'Kane, country music singer/songwriterThis is a lady whom men would love to take home to their mothers and whom other women would love to have as a friend. She shrugs off these accolades, attributing her casual manner to her upbringing in the lovely Yosemite Valley. Lisa herself could easily be compared to that magnificent place - she is a natural beauty, with a face as memorable as the high country peaks and a voice as soothing as the wind in the giant Sequoias. Tall and slender, she brims with an almost palpable energy and resonates with a positive outlook.
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Web Site

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