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Rockabilly Queen Gives Thumbs Up to Rockabilly Baby!

   With all the excitement on the airwaves over Liz Talley’s new single “Rockabilly Baby” one can’t help but think of the Queen of Rockabilly, Wanda Jackson & Liz TalleyWanda Jackson. The Queen has given Liz the thumbs up on her Rockabilly song. “I think it’s great! She delivers the song with a brassy unstoppable attitude. Love it!” says Wanda. The Texas singer is excited about the song and says "It's a great feeling when another artist likes your work".
   The song came about after Liz went to see Wanda’s show in Texas. Caught up in the excitement, Liz left there with a few lines and a Rockabilly beat! She and good friend Don Lacy she sat down and wrote themselves a hot little Rockabilly tune! “I’m having a lot of fun with it and I’m thrilled people like my song” says the modest singer.
   According to Wanda, “When I first met Liz at an Opry show in Texas, I found out this girl was a fantastic drummer. We just hit it off right away. What a talent! She plays drums, guitar, sings, and now through her CD, I’ve learned she writes great songs and sings the fire out of them! She’s a hard worker and I’m excited about her debut CD “Road to You” and the airplay she’s been getting. I’m proud of what she’s doing in country music. I’m expecting a great future for my little friend from Texas!”
   When asked about being compared recently to an early Wanda Jackson, Liz replies “That’s a wonderful compliment that I’m proud of. I guess it’s the Rockabilly song that’s got people talking. I've got my own style and I just jump out there and have fun. Hopefully, the crowd will have a good time with me. Wanda was the first professional entertainer I ever worked with. She has been a major influence for me on a personal and professional level.”
   For more information on Liz Talley, check out Her Official Web Site. Traditional Country with a little bit of Texas Swing, Honkytonk, Rockabilly.

CDs available at Her Official Web Site & CD Baby

Inside Nashville Country Music Radio Show
Wanda Jackson
The First Lady Of Rock-A-Billy

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