Country Music Planet presents A Tribute To Minnie Pearl.
Country Music Planet presents independent country music singer Sonny Martin performing Tribute To Minnie Pearl, a traditional country music recitation


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"A Tribute Issue of Independent Country Music News On the Anniversary Of The Death Of Minnie Pearl"
Published Originally On March 4, 2002

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Tribute To Minnie Pearl
We present to you this complete song.
Vocals by: Sonny Martin
Written by: Jerry Mac Sutton
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I was a child of the forty's

Sitting around that big old radio

With my dear mama and daddy

Listening to the opry show.


I remember hearing HOWDEEEEE

As friendly as I ever heard;

And, oh, how we laughed on Saturday nights

To the jokes of sweet Minnie Pearl


Her real name was Sarah Cannon,

But we knew her as Minnie Pearl.

In her private life she was great,

Helping people throughout the world


She was friends with more presidents

Than most of us have ever seen,

But she loved the real common folks.

She was truly the opry queen


Minnie was an entertainer

And a character loved by all,

And you have to think of her ole straw hat

When you think of the Ryman Hall.


She was just so proud to be here

And we were so proud to have her,

The young lady from Grinders Switch.

She was country musicís real pearl.


Minnie, Iím just someone whoís real thankful

For being on this earth with you.

Other great ladies will follow,

But none will ever fill your Mary Jane shoes.


You were queen of the Grand Ole Opry

For forty years and more,

And you took our hearts with you,

When you walked through heavenís door.


Yes! Minnie, youíre gone from us now,

But you left sweet memories behind.

We will never forget you, Mam.

You will forever be on our mind


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