Tribute To Minnie Pearl - Written by & being performed by Jerry Mac
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Special Edition
  A Tribute Issue of Independent Country Music News On the Anniversary Of The Death Of Minnie Pearl
March 4, 2002
In this issue

Jerry Mac's Tribute To Minnie Pearl
Cindy Moore is keeping the memory of Minnie alive

The Queen Of Our Hearts

Click here to Visit Minnie Pearl Cancer Foundation a non-profit organization
that funds new programs in cancer research & education; and, also provide patient & family
services - all done in memory of
Sarah Cannon, a cancer patient herself, who created the beloved character,
"Minnie Pearl"

The Minnie Pearl Scholarship fund helps hearing-impaired high school seniors further their education at colleges, universities and technical schools across the United States. Country music entertainer Mrs. Sarah Cannon, also known as Minnie Pearl, was instrumental in establishing the Minnie Pearl Scholarship Fund. With the aid of this scholarship, young hearing-impaired people can take a more active role in mainstream society by reaching their full potential as productive adults in our hearing world.

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Mount Hope Cemetery
in Franklin, Tennessee
is where Minnie rests
beside her husband,
Henry Rolfs Cannon.

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Jerry Mac's
Tribute To Minnie Pearl

Another Version
Being Performed By
Sonny Martin

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This special edition of Independent Country Music News is dedicated to the memory of Minnie Pearl.

We love you, Minnie!
Jerry Mac's Tribute To Minnie Pearl

Written By Jerry Mac on March 5, 1996 (The day after Minnie died)


I was a child of the forties

Sitting around that big old radio

With my dear mama and daddy

Listening to the opry show.


I remember hearing HOWDEEEEE

As friendly as I ever heard;

And, oh, how we laughed on Saturday nights

To the jokes of sweet Minnie Pearl


Her real name was Sarah Cannon,

But we knew her as Minnie Pearl.

In her private life she was great,

Helping people throughout the world


She was friends with more presidents

Than most of us have ever seen,

But she loved the real common folks.

She was truly the opry queen


Minnie was an entertainer

And a character loved by all,

And you have to think of her ole straw hat

When you think of the Ryman Hall.


She was just so proud to be here

And we were so proud to have her,

The young lady from Grinders Switch.

She was country musicís real pearl.


Minnie, Iím just someone whoís real thankful

For being on this earth with you.

Other great ladies will follow,

But none will ever fill your Mary Jane shoes.


You were queen of the Grand Ole Opry

For forty years and more,

And you took our hearts with you,

When you walked through heavenís door.


Yes! Minnie, youíre gone from us now,

But you left sweet memories behind.

We will never forget you, Mam.

You will forever be on our mind

Cindy Moore is keeping the memory of Minnie alive
   March 4th  is the anniversary of the death of  "The Queen of Country Comedy" , Sarah Ophelia Colley, Miss Minnie Pearl. Minnie Pearl's boisterous, cheerful "Howdyyyyy! I'm just so proud to be here!", her wide-brimmed summer hat with its dangling $1.98 price tag, her toothy grin, and her calico and gingham dresses were her trademarks on more than a half century on the Grand Ole Opry .

Nashville performer singer/songwriter, Cindy Moore has portrayed the role of "Minnie Pearl" for over twenty years. A few months ago, the Grand Ole Opry, featured Ciindy in their tribute to Miss Minnie. Her three-minute monologue was comprised of classic Minnie stories delivered with such ease that the Opry audience could actually feel that old 'Minnie magic' come to life. She then removed her signature summer hat (adorned with flowers and dangling $1.98 price tag) to pay tribute to the late Sarah Cannon. Cindy told of her close relationship with Cannon and how she came to portray the role of 'Miss Minnie'. With her final words Moore gave a bow to a tear-filled standing ovation. The Opry cast and crew all agreed that the return of 'Minnie' to the stage of the Grand Ole Opry was indeed a heartwarming and welcome sight.

Cindy learned her craft from the original Minnie Pearl, Sarah Cannon.  Sarah discovered Cindy portraying "Miss Minnie" in Opryland's Country Music U.S.A. and saw something she liked in the young performer. Sarah took Cindy under her wing and schooled her in the finer points of the Minnie Pearl Character.  Cindy even had the honor of performing a lot of shows with her. Today, when folks ask Cindy, "Oh, are you the new Minnie Pearl?" Cindy respectfully declines with, "There's only one Sarah Cannon, there's only one Minnie Pearl, I'm just here to keep the Legend going for you."

Cindy's enthusiasm in all she does, her love and caring for others make her a very special person. She keeps this legend alive at numerous charity events for nursing homes, the Junior League as well as the Vanderbilt Children's Hospital.

Cindy's Cd is titled " I Was A Teenage Minnie ". It has a song written by her husband Randy and herself called "Sarah Said " which is starting to be played worldwide.  Also on this CD is some Minnie Pearl Comedy and a beautiful tribute to this special lady.  Today, on the anniversary of her death, numerous radio stations in the United States and Internationally, in tribute to this great lady and humanitarian, are playing "Sarah Said".

If you would like to listen to this very special song or further information , click on Cindy then CD on her website at

Cindy currently performs at the World Famous Gaylord Opryland Hotel and Convention Center and various conventions and venues worldwide.

Visit Cindy's web site at

For more information contact:
Ginny Foley
250 Maple St
Secaucus NJ 07094

This edition of the news is dedicated to the memory of
Sarah Ophelia Cannon (Minnie Pearl) 1912 - 1996

We were so proud to have you here, Minnie!

   There are two recorded versions of "A Tribute To Minnie Pearl" written by Jerry Mac. Both versions are recitations with some of Minnie's most loved music in the back ground. The first artist to record this was "The Legendary Sonny Martin". This recording was done in a Nashville, Tennessee recording studio and the music that accompanied the lyrics written by Jerry Mac was a special arrangement of "Amazing Grace". The recording was produced by Jerry Mac, and Sonny Martin did an excellent job of delivering the message. The second recording of this was done by Jerry Mac, himself. This one was, also, produced by Jerry Mac with the music of "A Mansion On The Hill" in the background. Anyone interested in owning either of these recordings, e-mail

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