NewGrass Review - A Bluegrass band from Nashville, Tennessee
Newgrass Review, a touring bluegrass band from Nashville, Tennessee is presented to the world by The Country Music Planet and Inside Nashville Jukebox

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NewGrass Review

   KC & Newgrass Review is an award winning Bluegrass Group based in Nashville TN. The band leader KC has performed with numerous Artists and played on over 100 sessions. Their name Newgrass comes from the kind of music that this group plays. It is a mixture of bluegrass and country. Newgrass Review plays nationally and Internationally although the terrorist threat has caused some international cancellations.
   KC says, "We would sign a contract with a major label only if it was lucrative enough. We have worldwide promotion, and radio airplay, it would help open some doors for us, but we are currently signed with KMA Records out of Nashville,TN. Keith Bradford (former Band Leader for Kitty Wells) has done everything in his power to help us as president of KMA Records, and as MY BEST FRIEND, and if anything comes up which we have some offers pending he will play a major part in it."
   Charlie Waller (Country Gentlemen) was one of KC's biggest influences. KC's favorite spot on Planet Earth is where he's from, the mountains of West Virginia.
   Newgrass Review has received numerous awards including a gold album in 2001, a platinum album in 2004, and the Arisen Award 2004.
   Newgrass Review is comprised of some extremely talented musicians:

  KC Cozart (the leader) - Guitar, mandolin, lead acoustic and electric guitar, dobro, banjo, and Bass
A favorite quote of KC's is "The only Stranger You Meet Is The One In The Mirror""

   Gene Estep - VOCALS

   Veda Adams - Upright Bass

   Jim Hannan - Guitar

   Darlene Grimmett - Vocalist 

Music Of NewGrass Review

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