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 The Nob Hill Billys
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Location: Austin, TX, USA
Description: Americana Roots / Alt. Country
Biography: Based out of Austin, Texas, this rockin' band plays a mixture of hillbilly rock, alt. country, dust bowl folk & western swing. LA-Albuquerque-Austin boy David Lear is the ringmaster, singer, songwriter and rhythm guitarist performing his personal struggle, spiritual salvation and hoe down jamboree songs with a howl of a mad coyote. The audience catches on whether it's sadness or just plain fun. So come get down and hootenanny with The Nob Hill Billys! The band members include musicians that bring their roots influence from across America. Just listen to that California born/Oklahoma raised Heidi Weeks sing along, rattle her chicken shaker & bang on the washboard! When The Nob Hill Billys get to doing their business, ain't nobody better stand in the way! The chief gunslinger "Lazy" Brad Lewis plays everything from lead guitar, mandolin, banjo, dobro and anything else with strings. Having recorded and gigged with numerous artist and bands such as Brother Weasel, The Soulcasters, Will Ray and many others, he is truly The Nob Hill Billys secret weapon. You gotta hear this guy apickin'! Playing the Upright Bass is Dick "Fireball" Sanchez who pounds out the heart of the band with a heavy slap of the hand. Having played with other cool bands such as Atomic Men, Tweed & The Creeps he sure keeps the music coming at you. He is truly an important member of The Nob Hill Billys! Pounding out the heart stopping drums is Rich Wright who gives the group a solid foundation and a crisp beat to keep the dancers on the floor swinging! At one time the backbone to the early alt. country band Tattoo Rodeo, he really makes The Nob Hill Billys tent show an event! With special guest Slim Latimer on the pedal steel giving this band the right western touch, there ain't no place to be other than this Rock & Roll hillbilly show. So come get down, dance, twist, contort, yodel, shout & save your soul with The Nob Hill Billys.
Press Release:
The Nob Hill Billys release their CD "Dang!" (Cat. #RN7251964) on Rockabilly Nation Records. This collection of originals and revamped covers ranging from upbeat rockabilly to alternative country to neo folk styling has something to capture the ear of any true Americana listener. BUY IT NOW!


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