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Patti McKinnon, a very talented award winning country music singer from Australia, is presented here by Jerry Mac & Friends and Country Music Planet!!

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Patti McKinnon
Australian Country Music Singer
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   Patti was born in September 1947 and is proud to be called a "Baby Boomer". Her childhood was spent on a sheep & wheat station at Trungley Hall near Temora NSW.  It was there working alongside with her Dad & Grandfather she developed a love of Country Music. Her Dad was great mates with our legendary mate Reg Lindsay. Reg & Dad shared with her their talents and this was her inspiration. The family moved to Fairfield NSW to enable the kids to complete school and find jobs in the city, but Patti always missed the bush. Her Dad took her to venues around the suburbs and she met great people like Lonnie Lee, Laurel Lee, Digby Richards, Johnny O"Keefe, The Allen Brothers (Peter Allen) and many others. She began singing a little bit on their shows but realized it was country music she loved the most. By this time she had commenced a nursing career training in forensic, cardiac & pathology nursing. In the midst of all this she started riding in Rodeos and met some country singers (Lee Brittain, Cowboy Bob Purtell, Cazna, & the legendary Gordon Parsons).  She heard about a bloke called Bill Kelly and went to one of his shows and that is where it all began. He introduced her to many great country artist and they would ask her up on stage at their shows.  She formed her own band, "Freedom Highway", under the musical directorship of Greg Parsons and they soon became one of the most sought after bands on the country music Sscene. After Greg passed away she lost a lot of her inspiration and the band slowly drifted apart. She then decided to pursue her truck driving ambitions and began driving the "Big Rigs" on the interstate runs. She always had the guitar on board and played at almost all the country pubs and roadhouses she stopped at along the way. After a few years she decided she needed some "Normality" in her life and resumed her nursing career but she missed her music. She played at nursing homes and many a charitable event. There was still a lot of energy so she concentrated on the "Kids", Travis Collins & Jason Lee to name a couple. She took Travis to his first talent quest at Illabo and he was the Overall Winner.
   She currently works in a Rural Medical Practice near Goulburn NSW where she and her husband Tony have a grazing property & lavender farm.
Her new album "Freedom Highway" came as a complete surprise. She was ready to hang the guitar on the wall when she received a call from Cable Productions in Cairns Nth Qld asking if she would accept a recording offer from them. She thought about it for about 60 seconds and decided it didn't matter that she was 58 years old and the Grandmother of 14. 'Lets Do It" she said.
The album has some great tracks on it and some songs that the Producer surprised her with because he was the boss and had the final choice of material. There are 3 of Patti's own songs on it.


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