The Country Music Planet presents country singer Phil Redrow
The Country Music Planet and The CD Planet present to the world independent country music singer and independent country music songwriter, Phil Redrow

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The Country Music Planet
Phil Redrow's CD
"Silence Takes It's Toll"

A citizen of The Country Music Planet, independent country music singer, Phil Redrow
Phil Redrow
A Citizen Of The Country Music Planet

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"Silence Takes Its Toll"
Phil Redrow

Songs On CD

  1. The Promise

  2. The Wheel

  3. It Don't Get Much Better Than This

  4. I'm Looking for Real Love

  5. The Ones Who Hide the Truth

  6. Where the River Runs Deep

  7. I'm Money

  8. Willie the Rainmaker

  9. Stoned on Love

  10. Love Ain't Enough

  11. I Still Believe

  12. My Sweet Virginia


Bill Wray
Copyright 1997 Red Mustard Records
Catalog No. RMR 20-01

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Phil Redrow's CD
"Silence Takes Its Toll"
Eyereckon Records

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Phil Redrow's CD

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