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Todd Fritsch Two-Steps Into The New Year With International Single, “Bob Wills Song”

“Rub some leather on an’ old dance floor the way we used to do/ Get back the feelin’ that I thought was gone/ And make a party out of misery and a memory out of you/ While I two-step to that good ol’ Bob Wills song” - DeForest/Smith

Nashville, TN (January 1, 2006) – Texas recording artist Todd Fritsch Country Music Singer, Todd Fritschtwo-steps us into the New Year with his rollicking dance tune, “Bob Wills Song.” The track, from his current CD, TODD FRITSCH (Diamond Music Group), will issue to the international community via the January HotDisc.

Consistently drawing the attention of reviewers worldwide, this brightly mixed fiddle and steel-laced number is a perfect fit for Fritsch’s traditional country voice. Upbeat and catchy, the song should see the leather hit the hardwood every time it’s played.

In its year-end review, calls TODD FRITSCH, “As contemporary as anything on the major labels these days -- a satisfying effort.” Fans are obviously pleased with Fritsch’s talents; CD sales are booming, his newly re- launched website has logged over 106,000 hits in less than 30 days, and tour dates are pouring in.

“It’s been a great year,” says Todd. “I’ve traveled over 25,000 miles on my radio promotion tour, and met a lot of nice folks. In February, we head to Europe for my first-ever tour dates there. 2006 is shaping up to be an awesome year!”

Visit Todd's web site at

Press Release submitted by:
so much MOORE media
Martha E. Moore

ph: 615.746.3994 , mobile: 615.202.1313

Jerry Mac Reviews The CD "Imagination Station" By Singer/Songwriter, Sam Hofer

Click here to visit Sam's web site at The Country Music planet.

(January 2, 2006) - Sam Hofer has released his new CD Imagination Station which is available at Sam's official web site ( The CD consists of 10 well produced, well written, and well performed gospel music songs. Sam wrote all 10 songs on this CD.

Track 1 kicks off the CD with the  title track "Imagination Station" that has a truly country/gospel feel. This song will make you feel good within a few seconds of the track starting. "All you got is today. Do the best that you can." is the type of truthful statement made with the lyrics of this song.

Track 2 is "Should'a Got Better". "Shield'a Got Better, but You got forgot to look at'd better consider.....what the Good Lord's telling you". Wow what a great message in the lyrics, and the music is as country as it gets.

Track 3 is "Thoughtless Fool" that begins with a recitation by Sam and leads into some good singing with some of the best music that this writer has heard in a while.

I am going to go ahead now and name the other tracks on the CD without commenting on them individually, because they are all so good that I have nothing but praise for every song on the CD. Track 4 "I've Got His Smile" - Track 5 "Proud man" - Track 6 "The Battle Is The Lord's" - Track 7 "Stand Tall" - Track 8 "Call Back Later" - Track 9 "From My Head Down To My Heart" Track 10 "Just Say The Words"

This is a must have CD for anyone who likes good country/gospel music.

Jerry Mac


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