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Ray Fredricks was born on March 05, 1953 into a family that played music together as a regular part of their lives. Ray's father and two uncles played guitar and their sister played the harmonica and sang. In those days about the only entertainment they could afford was what they made themselves. When Ray was real young and the extended families lived close to each other he would listen to the country western music they played and he knew everyone was having a good time. That had a lifelong impact on Ray's love for the music he grew up hearing.

Ray remember trying to hold and strum a guitar when he was just a little guy, maybe 3 or 4 but when he was 8 years old his uncle Freddie taught him the three basic chords, G , C, and D. That was all he needed to start begging for a guitar of his own. About 6 months later Ray's dad signed him up for 10 weeks of guitar lessons that came with a beginner guitar. Ray even started to learn how to read music. Like many kids after the initial lessons he became a little frustrated and gave up for a while but that didn't last long.

While visiting some friends Ray saw that they had electric guitars and were practicing in the basement. This sounded like something he wanted to do. He talked his folks into getting him a used solid body Kay guitar and Silvertone amp. Ray and his friends started playing during most of their spare time just making "noise" at first. Eventually they played at some private parties and then school dances. Ray was earning $10 a night for those dances, a lot of money for a young teen.

Ray must have improved as a musician, because at the end of 1969 his uncle Freddie invited hin to play with him on stage. Uncle Freddie even took Ray to play on the Clyde Joy show on WMUR TV in Manchester, NH. They also did some opening act shows at the old Lone Star Ranch in Reeds Ferry, NH. That was the premier place for Country music in southern NH. Ray got to see stars from the Grand Old Opry and others like George Jones, Johnny Cash, and Ernest Tubb. Ray says he still misses that place.

From August 1971 to June 1978 Ray served in the U.S. Army, but he still found the time to play and sing. Ray did many local U.S.O shows. That experience helped Ray feel more comfortable on stage and strengthened his love for the 50's and 60's country sound.

When Ray returned home he joined Fred Gentry and the Country Waves and stayed with them until September of 1980. He then formed his own band, "Ray Fredricks and the Country Express". They concentrated on the classic country music and have kept that tradition for the last 30 years. Some of the great clubs Ray's played include the Wonder Bar, Theater Club, and the Lamplighter Lounge in Lawrence, Blue Star Bar in Saugus, Hotel Edison and Celley's Pub in Lynn, Ma, Newmans in Billerica, Marty L Lounge in Salisbury and the Boston Hill Farm in North Andover.

Ray recorded his first cover album in October 1991 "Ray Fredricks Traditional Country Music" which was re-mastered to CD in 2001. In September 1994 Ray recieved a Silver Certificate from M.C.M.A.A. for "Gone Home to Mama" from that album. In September 2005 Ray recorded his second CD " Ray Fredricks My Kind of Country". In August 2007 Ray recorded his third CD "Ray Fredricks for Ever and Ever". In June 2010 Ray & his fiddle player released a fourth CD "Curly King and Ray Fredricks".

Music has always been a learning process throughout Ray's life. He has been influenced by many of the great country artist. We should mention some of them that have had such an impact. Ray's favorite lead guitar players were Don Rich for the "twang" sound on his Fender Telecaster and Roy Nichols who played with Merle Haggard. Ray, also, learned much of his work on the pedal steel guitar by following Ralph Mooney who played with Waylon Jennings, Buck Owens, Merle Haggard and many others. Ray has always loved the West Coast Country sound that started out in Long Beach in the 1950's and then went to Bakersfield.

Ray has now been playing and singing the great country classics for over 40 years and he will continue to promote this American musical heritage as long as he's alive.

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