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Rex Allen, Jr.

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A music fan
   Rex Allen Sr had the best voice of all the singing cowboys, maybe because it 'sounded' Western and he was a genuine cowboy from Arizona. Unfortunately, he appeared in movies and recorded Western songs when the genre was taking its last breaths. Rex Jr. has a fine voice that seems to improve over the years. And when they sing Cowboy and Western music - there are few who can equal their unique sound.
More From A Music Fan
This compilation includes many classic Western tunes and each is sung with such depth and love for the music, they paint a picture in your mind of the countless scenes of the desert and Wild West of movies and TV. Senior and Junior should have much more airplay so this music won't be forgotten. And Rex Allen Sr fans can take heart in the fact that even with his unexpected passing, his music will live on thru the ages. This recording gives us all a hint of the greatness of both these fine singers and the wealth of outstanding music they've recorded over the years.

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