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Rhonda Hart, an award winning country music singer and a Grammy nominated country music songwriter, is presented to the world by Country Music Planet.

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Rhonda Hart
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   Born and raised into a family of musicians and entertainers, Rhonda Hart has been singing and performing since she was a small child. She has written award winning songs, toured with and been the opening act with many of country music's best know stars. She is, as one industry veteran stated, "A SINGER'S SINGER".
   While living in Music City, Rhonda formed an all girls group, "Angels On The Range", consisting of Rhonda Hart, Deanna Carter, and Mila Mason. This group went on to pave the way for others such as the "The Spice Girls" and "Dixie Chicks".
   Rhonda was signed with Step One Records during this period of time, and went on to have a smash hit, "Waiting For The Phone To Ring". This song bulleted to number one in Europe and stayed there for several weeks. There aren't many artists who can say their first record hit number one, but Rhonda didn't stop there.
   Upon here return from her European tour, Rhonda reunited with Deanna Carter to write the Quadruple Platinum hit, "Did I Shave My Legs For This". The song received a GRAMMY NOMINATION in 1998 for COUNTRY SONG OF THE YEAR. "Did I Shave My Legs For This" and it's success have opened new doors for Rhonda, both as a singer and as a songwriter.
   The new album, "To Be A Woman" is Rhonda Hart's latest singing and songwriting presentation. On this album Rhonda sings many of her newest songs including the especially beautiful title cut.
   Rhonda is planning an upcoming tour of concerts this fall in coordination with the release of "To Be A Woman". In addition, a video is being shot with Century III Studios at Universal in Orlando, Florida during the early part of September to compliment the tour and album release.
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