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Independent country music singers sell your country music CD on line at The CD Planet. Have your CD for sale along side country music super stars!

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The CD Planet

The CD Planet

Opportunity For Independent Country Singers

   Put your music for sale at THE CD PLANET for benefits that you will receive no where else on the Internet. If you are an Independent Country Entertainer, you need your music for sale at "THE CD PLANET". No one cares more about your success than we do. We are Independent Country Entertainers ourselves, so we know exactly "where you're coming from".
   Do yourself a favor and spend a few minutes paying close attention to what I am about to tell you. We will put your name right out front in our store along side the names of legends in the country music business. If you haven't been there, yet, go to the store so you can see some of the legends who's CDs and cassettes we have for sale in our store. Well, you are just as important to us as they are.
We'll make your name a link, so when visitors click on it they'll be taken to your very own site in our store that we will build for you. To see an example a site we built especially for the store, go to Clayton Lee CDs. Go ahead - go check it out. I want you to see what we did for this independent country music singer, so you'll have an idea of what we can do for you. Make sure you come back here, because I haven't told you everything, yet. Just close out the site and you will automatically come back here.
   Yep, we'll put a picture of your CD or cassette on the site. Yep, we'll put music on the site (up to 10 minutes of streaming real audio). We will put complete songs or partial songs (teasers), your choice. Yep, we'll say some nice things about your CD that will help you make sales. If you have another site on the Internet, we will link to it. Yep, we'll send your potential buyers where ever you want them sent to purchase your product on line. If you don't have another place on line where they can buy your product and pay by credit card, we'll handle the sales for you, and we will take credit cards. If you have your own web site & would like to be handling your own sales but don't take credit cards, we will assist you in getting set up so you can take credit cards. It will not cost you one cent to take the cards until you make a sale, and then it is a very small percentage. I give you my 100% guarantee that you can be accepting credit cards on your own site at no up front cost or contract signing on your part.
   If you want to handle the sales yourself, we must put a notice to this effect on the site we build for you, so we will not be responsible for the delivery of the product.
If you want us to take the orders, handle the shipping & be otherwise totally responsible for the orders, here is how that works: You must send us 7 pieces of each product we are selling for you. If your album is available on CD & cassette, we will need 7 of each. We will sale your CDs for $12.00 & your cassettes for $7.00. (These are the prices we will sell your items for unless you are selling them for less anywhere else on the Internet. If you are, we will sell them for the lower price. We refuse to sell items for prices higher than they can be purchased elsewhere on the Internet.) We will keep $4.00 per item sold. Of course, we'll use the shipping and handling charges to pay for the shipping and handling. In addition to the 7 items you send us for sale, you must send us one additional item for us to use to upload your music. This one item remains the property of The CD Planet.

Extra Promotion At no Extra Charge

  • Your name will be listed on the home page of The Country Music Planet which is one of the most visited sites on Planet Earth dedicated to independent country music singers and independent country music songwriters.

  • There will be a link to your site at The Country Music Planet through your name at the home page.

  • This will automatically make you a citizen of The Country Music Planet.

  • Two songs from your CD or cassette will be put on Inside Nashville Jukebox which is one of the most visited sites in the world where country music fans go to listen to country music.

  • There will be 2 links to your site at The Country Music Planet through your 2 songs on the jukebox.

  • Your name will be posted at the home page of The CD Planet.

  • There will be a link to your site at The Country Music Planet through your name at the home of The CD Planet.

  • We will make you a banner for you to place on your web site you have elsewhere than The Country Music Planet that will link directly to your site at The CD Planet. You will have our permission to use this banner any place you desire so long as it links to your site at The CD Planet. Immediately below is an example of a banner we made.

Country Music Planet presents country music singer, Clayton Lee

Special Bonus: Beginning December 22, 2004, anyone becoming a citizen of The Country Music Planet will be presented on Inside Nashville Country Music Radio Show as a special guest with an interview by Jerry Mac. Go to Inside Nashville Country Music Radio Show to listen to some of our shows. You will be given a copy on CD of this show. If you prefer, we will make you extra copies for a very small price to help offset some of our cost of producing the CDs. When we make the CDs, they will be with full color inserts and copy on the CD packaged in a jewel case. There is no minimum on the number of CDs that you can order from us, but the cost per CD will vary according to how many you purchase. This will be a very valuable promotional tool for you.

If you are interested in this pack up your CDs and/or cassettes and get them in the mail to us along with your payment. Here is what needs to be in the package:

This is going to cost you only $99.00. A one time charge for doing all this for you. Now this charge is per album. If you want us to add other albums, it will be $99.00 per additional album, but each album gets all the extras above.

Make payment to The Country Music Planet.

Pay securely on line by clicking on the "Buy Now" button.

Send Payment to:
The Country Music Planet
1 Black Hawk Circle #D6
Downingtown, PA 19335

For more information contact Jerry Mac by email at or phone Jerry Mac at 610-518-1122.

Thank you,
Jerry Mac

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