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September / October, 2004

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Baylie Brown
A New Star Shining On The Horizon

   Baylie Brown. is a 14 year old, blonde haired, blue eyed girl that Female country music singer, Baylie Brownis already a seasoned professional.
   But she is not just another kid singer. Her poise and polish as well as the passion in her voice belie her age. Simply put, she is a natural.
   Baylie is a country girl through and through. When she takes the stage her voice and presence radiate talent. Her tone is sweet and true and she sings with an amazing amount of clarity and conviction that is rare. Whether singing for a crowd of thousands or for an intimate gathering, she gives her all. Baylie has all the ingredients to emerge as country music's newest superstar!
   Baylie is a member in good standing of Young Guns Country Music Association, an organization dedicated to the developing and promoting of country music performers who are 17 and under.
   Her latest CD, "Big Trouble", is located at This is an outstanding CD. Each and every song is great (a must for all contemporary and traditional country music fans). Click here to view the CD and to listen to the music. You can, also, get to other sites concerning Baylie from there.

Click here
to go to Music Highway Songwriters Association.

Jimmy Swan Celebrates Big Time

"In Jimmy's Own Words"
   On August 19, 2004 we welcomed our first child, Trinity Rain Swan into the world.  She weighed 6.7 ounces and was 19.5 inches long at 10:14 am.  It was by far the most incredible day of my life (well, right after the one when I married my wife).  We have some pictures of Trinity Rain on my website at Thank you guys for all your support and for all the letters, gifts and calls for Trinity and us.
   The cool thing is that on the 17th my other family is giving birth to our other kid.  Now before you go starting rumors, I must explain.  Rhythm and I are so close that we are considered to be a family.  Our kid is named "The Forward Concept." It has been 2 and half years in the making and it finally is going to see the light of day.  If you haven't figured it out by now,  Rhythm's new CD "The Forward Concept" will be released on September 17th at the Curtain Club.  It feels like a "kid" to us because we gave so much time, effort and energy towards making it perfect.  We really wanted to deliver the very best we possibly could.  As their manager I can see where this album is going to take Rhythm to the next level. If you think that you know Rhythm, you have nothing but a small taste of what they are now.  This album is definitely a milestone, and a career maker.  I encourage everyone from far and near to come to the Curtain Club on the 17th to celebrate the release of "The Forward Concept."  If for some reason you can't make it to the CD release party, make sure you keep checking out the website and see if they will be coming to a city near you.  The CD is now for sale at (but will ship on the 17th). 

Complete Track Listings:
01 On The Verge
02 Moment In Your Life
03 Surrounded
04 Smile
05 Take Me
07 New
08 Let Me Sing
09 The Switch
10 Words From The Heart
11 Beautiful World
Produced by Todd & Toby Pipes (Deep Blue Something)

Sept. 17
Time: 9:00 PM
Rhythm's CD Release Party
Dallas, TX
The Curtain Club
(Deep Ellum)
2800 Main St
$10 @ the door
$13 for ages 17 to 20 (Must Have ID)
Line Up from start to finish: Chris Megert, TBA, The Afters (Blisse).and Rhythm. Get ready for a long night...But a good night!

Jimmy Swan Productions
2407 Bennington Dr.
Arlington, TX  76018

Click here to go to Gospel Music Jukebox.

CD Review
Tresa Street - “Ain’t Nothing Changed"

By: Jerry Mac - 9/6'2004

   If I was only allowed to write one sentence about this CD of Tresa Street’s it would be, “I listened to it, and I loved it.”, but it’s so good Country music CD, Ain't Nothin' Changed, Tresa Streetthat I can’t limit my comments to one sentence.
   Before getting to the review, I must admit that I am human, and that I made a human error in the misplacing of this 5-inch by 5-inch jewel. Laura with Publicity House, a well-established music promotion organization, sent this CD to me for a review on February 14, 2002. I finally rediscovered this fantastic work of art yesterday, and have listened to it over and over again after finding it in the bottom of the wrong drawer in one of my filing cabinets. I want to publicly extend a sincere apology to both Laura and Tresa for the delay in this review, but maybe it happened for a reason. After more than 2 years has passed, fans of Tresa’s and those that are not fans, yet, need to be reminded of how good this CD really is.
   Now let’s get down to it. This CD is a genuine treasure of well-written, well-performed, and well-produced songs. There is not one song on this 14 song CD that is not worthy of praise for all who participated in its creation. Bruce McCabe & David Z must be extremely proud of the way Tresa delivered the song they penned, “Lie To Me”, track number one on the CD. I can honestly say, this is one song that I wish I had written, and I can’t imagine anyone on Planet Earth that could do a better job than Tresa did of delivering the song. This was a title track from a Johnny Lang album "Lie To Me" (A & M Records - 1977). The fact that Tresa put this song on her CD is proof that she has a unique talent of choosing songs that fit her style. The second track on the song is a bluesy tune that could cross the borders of many genres of music. The title of the song is “Naturally”, and Tresa sings it “naturally” in a laid back fashion to some very creative musical arrangements. Tresa proves to be a fantastic songwriter by writing “Naturally”. This is only one of 3 songs on the CD that Tresa wrote, and anyone of them would be worthy of a nomination for song of the year by any of the organizations out there giving out awards in this category.
   All the writers on this project deserve to be recognized for their contributions they have made in years gone by, and the writers should, also, all be thankful that someone as talented as Tresa decided to include their songs on this CD. Ask anyone who knows me very well, and they will tell you that I tell it like it is. If there was anything I could criticize about this work of art, I would do it, but I can’t find anything at all wrong with this CD, and that is a rarity.
   If you want to know more about this CD, you are just going to have to purchase it, and you will be glad you did. However, we have a minute or two of three of the songs listed here for your listening pleasure. Click on the titles of the songs to listen in streaming real audio (no download time- Just click, and be listening in a few seconds). After listening, see if you don't agree with me concerning my appraisal of this CD.
Jerry Mac

Lie To Me / Ain't Nothin' Changed / I wish

Song Review
Deborah Allen - "I’m Only In It For Love"

Deborah Allen’s song, “I’m Only In It For Love” is absolute proof that this extremely talented entertainer is only in it for the love. No one could deliver a song with this much “it” without doing it for love. We’ve all heard of an entertainer having “it”, whatever “it” is. Elvis had “it”. James Dean had “it”. Marilyn Monroe had “it”. Deborah Allen has “it”, and now she has given “it” to the song, “I’m Only In It For Love”.
Have you ever heard of the old saying, “Build a better mouse trap, and the world will beat a path to your door”. Well! That saying is definitely not true. If it were, the world would be beating a path to listen to this song. I can guarantee that anyone who has listened to this song has been glad they did, and if they are anything like me, they listened to it again and again. The problem is that too many disc jockeys and too many program directors at too many big radio stations are not allowed to play what they want to play. Instead, what they do play is dictated by too many higher ups that are insisting that these too many radio stations play too many songs that no average song lover would even consider listening to if they had a choice.
When I listen to a song like “I’m Only In It For Love”, I can’t help but wonder why the song was not on the billboard hot 100 singles chart for at least six months. Excuse me, if I seem angry, but I am angry. The major radio stations are cheating all of us by not playing this song in heavy rotation for a consistently long time. I have no reason to pick this particular song to use as the basis for my anger at the way the major radio stations operate, other than the fact that “I’m Only In It For Love” is a great song delivered in a great way. It’s not going to make me any money if the radio stations play it or not play it. Deborah Allen or anyone associated with her is not going to pay me for saying these great things about Deborah’s song.
It’s no sense in me going into detail about the way the song was written or performed or how great the musicians and the producers and engineers who worked on this song are. If you don’t know how I feel about the song by now, you must have been day dreaming while reading this. Do yourself a favor, call a radio station that plays request and request they play it, and listen close if and when it’s played.
Jerry Mac

Receives BCMA Award For International Achievements

   George Hamilton IV was the recipient of a unique award at a surprise presentation in Nashville, Tuesday September 21.
   Long acknowledged for his ground-breaking international touring – and given the title “International Ambassador of Country Music” by Billboard in 1974 – the North Carolina born entertainer added to his accolades by being presented with the British Country Music Association’s first ever International Award.
   The award was in recognition of Hamilton’s many international achievements and was made at the CMA’s offices in Nashville by the BCMA’s Jim Marshall (Chairman), Mike Storey (Vice Chairman) and Tony Byworth (PR and Trade Liaison). Also present was Ed Benson, CMA Executive Director and Jeff Walker, Chairman CMA’s Global Market Taskforce.
   "This is the first time the BCMA, in its 35 year history, has ever presented such an award and it has been made to George Hamilton IV in recognition of his work overseas, sometimes to the detriment of his domestic career” said Byworth. “He not only opened up the doorways for other Nashville acts to follow but also encouraged the interest in country music, especially in the Eastern European countries. I personally believe such recognition is long overdue.”
   "This award is a complete surprise, though I am delighted to receive it” Hamilton responded. “It has been my pleasure to spend time traveling overseas, making new friends and spreading the country music word wherever I can. I am so lucky to call this my job, meeting friends and making music, and I certainly hope this will continue for a long time to come. I am truly, very grateful to the BCMA for presenting me this award. I would also like to accept this on behalf, and in memory of, Skeeter Davis who had a special place in her heart for Great Britain, its people and its music. She loved them and they loved her”.
   George Hamilton IV began his international career in 1967 with a investigative trip to Europe on the suggestion of Wesley Rose (President, Acuff-Rose Music). During subsequent years he visited Europe on many occasions, including the then “Iron Curtain” countries Russia and Czechoslovakia, made trips to the East and Australia, and was a regular mc at the annual International Festivals of Country Music at London’s Wembley Arena. He also headlined several series for BBC Television and radio alongside a long running syndicated television series in Canada which was also seen internationally.
   As a recording artist he made his chart debut with the million selling A Rose And A Baby Ruth in 1956, instantly establishing him as a teen idol – and it took another five years, and a move to Nashville, before he started achieving his ambition to be a successful country music entertainer, hitting #1 with Abilene in 1963. Among his other early successes were If You Don’t Know I Ain’t Gonna Tell You and Fort Worth, Dallas or Houston but, being an artist with an ear for material away from the norm, he was among the first of the Nashville artists to start recording material by international writers, scoring further chart successes with Canadian Gordon Lightfoot (Steel Rail Blues) and Joni Mitchell (Urge For Going).
   A longtime member of Nashville's famed Grand Ole Opry, George Hamilton IV has spent much time in the British Isles in recent years undertaking both country and gospel tours, as well as co-headlining a long-running Patsy Cline tribute stage show with Ireland’s Sandy Kelly. He has also been seen on a series of highly successful Canadian tours with fellow Opry artists Bill Anderson, Jean Shepard and Kitty Wells Show.
   The British Country Music Association (BCMA) was formed in 1968 and is a consumer orientated organization. Among its activities are the publication of a bi-monthly newsletter and an annual Yearbook that includes listings of artists, clubs, promoters, publications and radio broadcasters. Since its inception, the BCMA has also organized an annual trip to the USA.

For further information, please contact Tony Byworth - 020 8440 8884 or email

For information on the BCMA, please contact Jim Marshall - 01273 559750 or email

Press Release submitted by:
Tony Byworth & Associates

George Hamilton IV
Citizen Of The Country Music Planet

   Proclaimed the International Ambassador of Country Music thanks to his world tours in the '70s, George Hamilton IV began his career in the late '50s as a teen-oriented pop star. After his first hit, "A Rose and a Baby Ruth," hit number six on the pop charts in 1956, he toured with Buddy Holly and the Everly Brothers. Click here to visit George Hamilton IV web site at The country Music Planet.

Hank Cochran – Lets The Good Times Roll

   Nashville, TN (September 27, 2004) – Hank Cochran believes in letting the good times roll – literally. Hank is now the proud new owner of a marvelous early 1900’s mahogany and teak commuter yacht. Aptly named, Le Bon Temps Roule (Let The Good Times Roll), will be a floating family and songwriter retreat. But the new boat is not the only reason the world’s sweetest songwriter has to smile: the legendary tunesmith is hotter than ever. Currently, Hank has 19 cuts on 9mar albums from big stars and up & up-and-comers alike.

Recent cuts include:

2 cuts on George Strait’s 50 #1s (October ’04)

1 cut on George Jones’s 50 YEARS OF HITS (November ’04)

2 cuts on Reba McEntire’s ROOM TO BREATHE

1 cut on Brad Paisley platinum CD, MUD ON THE TIRES

1 cut on Mark Chesnutt's new SAVIN’ THE HONKY TONK

Current single & title track on Texas favorite Rick Salsly’s PATSY PROOF

4 cuts on Ricky Dean Morgan's COUNTRY COUNTRY

5 cuts on John Cody Carter’s DON’T YOU THINK IT’S TIME

2 cuts on Con Hunley's brand new SWEET MEMORIES

   In the midst of writing and pitching songs, Cochran found time last week to speak at the Country Music Hall of Fame, entertaining the audience with tales of the "early days" on Nashville’s famed Lower Broadway. He was recently inducted into America's Old Time Country Music Hall of Fame and may be one the most-honored songwriters in the history of country music. Last year, three of his songs were named to CMT’s 100 Greatest Songs of Country Music ("The Chair," "Make The World Go Away" and "I Fall To Pieces). In his 45-plus years in Music City, Cochran has been inducted into the Country Music Foundation’s Walkway of Stars in 1967, and into the Nashville Songwriters’ Association International Hall of Fame in 1974. In 2003, he was inducted into the Mississippi Musicians Hall of Fame. He has received over 40 B.M.I. awards (in both the pop and country categories) for his songs. Long ago Hank earned himself the nickname "Legend," and this legend just keeps rolling on. For more information on one of country music’s treasures, log on to To see his latest passion, log on to

Press Release Submitted By:
Martha E. Moore
so much MOORE media - Celebrating 16 Years!
PO Box 120426
Nashville, TN 37212-0426
ph 615.298.1689
fax 615.298.1446

Becky Hobbs: "No More War"

   Nashville (Sept 25, 2004)….Oklahoma cowgirl Becky Hobbs joins Bruce Springsteen, Steve Earle and other stellar singer/songwriters with a message, "No More War." It’s the debut single from her upcoming CD, Songs From The Road of Life, produced by Duane Sciacqua.
   Becky wrote "No More War" with Dene Anton and Benita Hill. She currently performs songwriter nights billed as "A Cowgirl, a Diva and a Shameless Hussy" with Benita Hill, jazz artist and writer of Garth Brooks’s "Two Pina Coladas" and "It’s Your Song," and Kacey Jones, who first made waves with Ethel and the Shameless Hussies. Becky also frequently appears with Alabama’s Randy Owen for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital benefits and plays Country Music Festivals throughout the world.
   The award-winning writer has always intertwined hard-hitting significant lyrics with her hard-rocking country boogie. Her song "Angels Among Us," was a hit for Alabama that stayed on the Billboard Top Singles Sales Chart for over a year, and she tipped her Stetson to America’s working woman in "Mama Was A Working Man."
   In fact, Hobbs’s eclectic repertoire is filled with what People magazine calls "…an earthy honesty." Her writers’ credits include "I Want To Know You Before We Make Love" was a #1 hit for Conway Twitty, the Grammy-nominated "You Are" for Glen Campbell and Emmylou Harris, and other cuts by artists such as George Jones, Loretta Lynn, Lacy J. Dalton and Shirley Bassey. As an artist she hit with stone country songs like "Let’s Get Over Them Together" (a duet with Moe Bandy), and "Jones on the Jukebox." Yet it is her turbo-charged piano-pounding live show that cause the Chicago Tribune to say, "fasten your seatbelts for this one, folks," and United Press International to call her the female counterpart to Dwight Yoakam. And it is her personality that makes music critic Michael McCall call her a "…take-no-bull" female artist and results in the straight-ahead message of "No More War."

For more information go to

   Entertainers, submit your press releases by e-mail. All submissions will be considered for inclusion, but the articles that appear here must be approved by the owners and publishers of "Jerry Mac's News".

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