Shawn Lane -When you think Time Bandits You Think Shawn Lane
Shawn Lane as a member of the band, The Time Bandits. See Shawn Lane in a way that few music fans have seen Shawn Lane, as a working member of a band.



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We will all miss Shawn Lane!

Jerry Mac Enterprises
Shawn Lane "1963 - 2003"
Time Bandit's Band Member

We have decided to keep this web site alive as a memorial to Shawn Lane!

1. Shawn Lane was born March 21,1963, and it wasn't much later that all who knew him became aware that Shawn Lane was to become a musical genius.

2. Alex Masi is heralded as the finest guitar player to emerge from Italy. When he sends folks to the web site of Shawn Lane from his through a link, this is what he says, "Official site for the most exciting guitar player alive, Shawn Lane".

3. Here is what Heptagon Records, Sweden's most prestigious record label has to say about Shawn Lane at their web site, "Shawn Lane was born in 1963, in Tennessee. He joined the band Black Oak Arkansas at age 15 and toured extensively in the US, despite his tender age. He soon achieved legendary status due to his amazing, high-speed precision solo work. In parallel with his career as a Memphis session player, he has been studying the piano and continually developing his writing. Soon his demos and recordings spread through the underground cassette tape copying network, and he was a worldwide celebrity among guitar players without even having released a record. He has written columns in guitar magazines and made guitar instruction videos, and he finally recorded a solo album (Powers of Ten on Warner Brothers) in 1991. He is a big fan of Liszt, Scriabin and other late-romantic piano virtuoso composers and a diehard movie connoisseur."

4. Just go to any search engine on the Internet and type in Shawn Lane. you'll discover how talented this member of "The Time Bandits" was.




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