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Rest in peace Sonny Martin
February 18, 1946 - April 13, 2011

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The Legendary Sonny Martin
"An Entertainer that paid his dues in the early days of Rock-A-Billy"
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Tribute To Minnie Pearl

Truck Drivin' Man


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Inside Nashville Country Music Radio Show
30 Minutes With Sonny Martin
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Once upon a time The Legendary Sonny Martin and The Nashville City Limits Band loaded up and headed across town to perform at The World Famous Stockyards. They performed one of the best and most exciting shows ever performed at this club. This entire show was recorded and is now available for all visitors to this site to listen to in it's entirety. It can be listened to at the site where Sonny's CD of this show is available by clicking here.

Native American, Sonny Martin was born Sonny Throckmorton in St. Louis, Missouri. Sonny lived at Boys Town Of Missouri in St. James, Missouri from the age of six to the age of fourteen. Sonny was discovered by legendary country star, Red Foley, when Sonny appeared at a benefit show and talent contest. Sonny won first place in the contest an was awarded an invitation to appear on The Ozark Jubilee in Springfield, Missouri.

While at Boys Town Sonny's music teacher, Mrs. Levita Damaron, taught him how to play the saxophone. Thus, a unique style of country and R&B sax was born.

Upon leaving Boys Town and relocating to St. Louis Sonny auditioned and went to work playing sax for the great Chuck Berry. Sonny moved on to play sax for Ike & Tina Turner, The legendary Fats Domino, and blues king, B. B.. King.

Sonny's unique style of saxophone play resulted in his name being placed in the Rolling Stone's book, The History Of Rock N' Roll as one of music's top innovators.

In 1969 Sonny relocated to Hollywood from Nashville to pursue an acting career. He appeared in the motion picture "W.W. AND THE DIXIE DANCE KINGS", "WALKING TALL-PART 1", "SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT-PART1", "HOOPER, THE GREATEST STUNTMAN ALIVE", and "HONEYSUCKLE ROSE". Sonny made numerous television and talk show appearances, and had his own television show, "CALIFORNIA COUNTRY".

In 1978 Sonny returned to Nashville to record "TRUCK DRIVIN' MAN" that earned him a gold record and many millions of fans.

A message concerning Sonny, from the main man behind THE COUNTRY MUSIC PLANET, Jerry Mac. "Sonny Martin is definitely a professional. I have had the pleasure of working with thousands of entertainers over the last 44 years that I've spent in the music Industry, and I know of no one I would rather be traveling down the road with. Sonny puts on as energetic a show as anyone I've ever been around. He's a delight to be with - both on and off stage, and no one surpasses Sonny when it comes to treating his many fans as though each one of them was his best friend. The only words to express my feelings about Sonny is by saying, "What A Guy!".
Jerry Mac


   Sonny was one of the first entertainers to be inducted into "Country Music Legends Hall Of Fame" in Myrtle Beach, SC. This honor was bestowed upon him on March 18, 1996.

   Sonny is currently working on projects that are keeping him off the road for most of 2004. However he is available for bookings in certain areas of the world including USA and Europe. He is willing to interrupt these projects if the dates of the shows are far enough in advance to make it possible for him to rearrange his schedule.. e-mail us.

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KENNY WAYNE: Welcome to "The Road" and Memphis, Sonny. On behalf of all who were at your show tonight I want to thank you for giving us some of the greatest entertainment that we have ever had here.

SONNY: Thank you, Kenny. It was my pleasure. The audience was great tonight.

KENNY WAYNE: The last time I saw you, Sonny, was right after you were inducted into "The Country Music Legend's Hall Of Fame". If I am not mistaken, that was 1996. Sonny, you must have really been appreciative of that. That's the highest honor that could ever be given to a country artist. Do you think that award had anything to do with Orbit Records re-releasing "Cowboy Boots & Soft Blue Denim".

SONNY: There is no way I can express the feeling I had when that award was given to me, Kenny. I can only say that I am extremely grateful for it. I can't say for sure if it had anything to do with Orbit re-releasing any of my earlier recordings, but it probably had something to do with it.

KENNY WAYNE: Didn't "Cowboy Boots & Soft Blue Denim" go to Number 1?

SONNY: Yes it did, and stayed there for 2 weeks. I was really thankful for that one.

KENNY WAYNE: Didn't you have a couple more of those re-releases go to number 1?

SONNY: Yes, I did, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my loyal fans for making that possible.

KENNY WAYNE: I've been a fan of yours for many years, Sonny. Even though I haven't seen you in 3 years, I have still been listening to your music. I know what those two other number 1's were. "Woman You Should Be In The Movies" and "Farewell Party".

SONNY: You got it right, Kenny. I'd like to thank all my fans again for those two going to the top of the charts.

KENNY WAYNE: Were you ever on The Tonight Show?

SONNY: Yes, I was, and I had a lot of fun doing that. Being on that show really gave me a lot of exposure. I was already working a lot when that show aired; but afterwards things really got hectic for quite a while. TV exposure always helps a singer. I remember very well how my bookings doubled after filming the TV special "Sonny Martin Live At The Crazy Horse Saloon".

KENNY WAYNE: Didn't you have your own TV show out in California for a while.

SONNY: I was the host of a show called "California Country", but I will never use the words (my own TV show), Because without the help of a lot of good writers, producers, directors, and guests the show would not have been nearly as successful as it was. Believe me, it was a team effort that made that one work as it is with everything I do. What in the world would a singer like myself do without a great band. You know Kenny that I have a lot of Indian blood in me, and that mixed with my Italian blood has always drawn me to want to be a part of something bigger than myself. There was The Lone Ranger, but I never heard of The Lone Indian.

KENNY WAYNE: You are really proud of your Indian heritage, aren't you, Sonny.

SONNY: Of course I am.

KENNY WAYNE: I remember seeing you in an episode of "Hawaii Five-O". What have you got to say about the star of that show, Jack Lord.

SONNY: He was one of the most professional persons that I have ever met. He was a very hard worker and an extremely nice human being. It was my pleasure knowing him.

KENNY WAYNE: Let me get back to a question about your music, Sonny. In 1986 you recorded a song, "ROCK-A-BYE BABY". I remember when it came out the radio stations here in Memphis were jammed with telephone calls so much that they couldn't answer them all. Because of the song being, in part, about a law enforcement officer a lot of police officials were calling the stations to request the song. I was just wondering if Memphis was an exception, or did this song get this kind of response everywhere?

SONNY: Fortunately for everyone concerned with this record, it was received very well every where the song played. We were getting reports from a lot of different areas about the phone lines being jammed with so many calls, especially from state police, sheriff's offices, etc..

KENNY WAYNE: Is it true that "Picture Me" went to number 1 in nine countries. I've never heard of anything like that ever happening in any kind of music. Is that some kind of record?

SONNY: Yes, Kenny, that is true. Thanks to a lot of great fans that I have all over the world, I was able to accomplish this; and, yes, I am the only person to have ever done this in any genre of music. Kenny, I got to get back to Nashville; but, before leaving, I want to tell you what a pleasure it has been being interviewed by you and how great it was to be treated so fantastic by the patrons of your club. Tell them all that I will be back.

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