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Suzie Merwine
Country Music Singer/Songwriter

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   Being born and raised in the beautiful farm country of Effort, Pennsylvania set the perfect stage for a songwriter's mind. Suzie Merwine  now releases her fourth album, "Daddy's Martin". Making way for this release, her last albums, "Cajun Fiddle Blues" and "Bring the Woman Out in Me", saw many firsts in Suzie's career. Between the two albums, Suzie was blessed with six #1 hits including "I Thank You", "Cajun Fiddle Blues", "Please Tell Me What To Do", "Walk Me Thru The Steps", "Mind Of A Fool", and "You And Your Baby Blues", which,
also, earned Suzie "Song Of The Year" at Nashville's Airplay International Golden Globe 2000 awards, "Female Artist Of The Year" at Nashville Airplay International Awards, and "Female Vocalist Of The Year" through the ICMA of Germany.
   Suzie's newest release "Daddy's Martin" is being referred to as, hard core traditional and the best work she's ever done. The album portrays a songwriter's mind, and brings it together with Suzie's signature Traditional Country Sound, making it by far her strongest yet. Featuring 13 Great Country Songs, Suzie once again was accompanied by musicians straight from the floor of the Grand Ole Opry, along with Kathy Lee, one of Nashville's finest background vocalists. Having much faith in their talents, Suzie is backed by the same musicians at every recording session. "It just would not be the same without them. They're my strength in the studio", admits Suzie. Just being released, "Daddy's Martin" has already proven to be an album that is certainly a must to the "traditional country music lover". How far will this album go? God willing, all over the world. At this time in her career, Suzie feels her heart is on fire. She is now accomplishing things that at one time she felt only possible in her dreams. She very willingly admits, the folks and fans that believe in her, and the wonderful DJ's that so kindly air her music, are her greatest assets. Starting her own Publishing Company, Merwine Publishing, in 1998, Suzie is an affiliated writer for BMI

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