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The award winning country music singer and country music songwriter, Terry Ball, is presented here by The Country Music Planet, CMP Radio, & Jerry Mac

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Terry Ball

     Terry Ball has the distinct honor of being the first singer/songwriter to be inducted into the CMP Hall Of Fame. Terry Ball is a country music singer/songwriter that lives in Cleveland, Tennessee. In 1991 Terry had a tragic automobile accident that left him handicapped. He was in a coma for 9 months, and is very fortunate to have survived. Prior to his accident he was making headway in Nashville as a singer/songwriter, but the accident put a stop to that for quite some time. Fortunately Terry had recorded a few songs that he had written before the accident (Just Terry & his guitar). These are very good country songs, and we are looking for very good country singers to sing them. Recently we have had one of his songs recorded by Donna Ray, a very good singer from Louisiana, and BJ Young of the duet, "Young & Free", will have a recording of one of Terry's songs soon. CMP Recordings, that is owned by Jerry Mac & George Longard, recently took one of Terry's guitar demos with him singing just with his guitar and added more music to it. His music can be listened to & purchased on the player below. The first song on the player is the one recently recorded by Donna Ray, and the second song on the player is the one CMP Recordings added the music to with Terry singing. The third song on the player is one recorded by another singer while Terry was in rehabilitation from his accident. The rest of the songs on the player are all Terry Ball & his guitar. We are sure you will enjoy them all. Any singers interested in recording Terry's song contact Jerry Mac at 610-518-1122 or by email at .

There are 9 songs on this MP3 album entitled "Terry Ball Originals".
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