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   For Texas native and country entertainer Todd Fritsch, "Git 'er Done" is not a catchy saying: it's a way of life. And, for this Country music singer, Todd Fritschhandsome real-world cowboy, getting the job done is the norm whether he is on the family's cattle ranch or on stage.
   "I started driving a tractor when I was so little I had to stand up to reach the clutch," says Fritsch. "By the time I was 13 or 14, I was building up my own herd of cattle. My Dad is a great teacher and ours is a first-generation ranch that has become a major player in the South Texas pre-conditioning livestock market. My sister Rachel really urged me to sing, and I performed some when I was in junior high, but by high school I was focused primarily on sports. I ran track, played baseball and basketball."
   Todd was successful in all sports, but credits his basketball coach and four active years in the Future Farmers of America organization with cementing the work ethic already learned from his father. "You had to run 100 miles before you even made the team," Todd says. I welcomed the discipline, because the efforts translated to success. I understand success. The FFA gave me confidence to deal with the public."
   Like his athletic accomplishments (his small school made regional and/or state finals almost every season), musical success is coming relatively easily for Todd. His rich, rangy voice is a radio natural, and his performances throughout Texas have already brought countless fans into the Fritsch fold. A recent "Wild Card" contestant of KPRC-TVís (Houston) "Gimme The Mike" program, Todd was voted "Viewerís Choice," and was the only country entertainer of 733 entrants to make the final show. The release of his most-recent (and third) CD, TODD FRITSCH, has been approached with the same level of planning and purpose as Fritsch applies to his ranching endeavors, and should be the vehicle which takes this young man to the top.
   "I'm proud of my earlier releases," Todd says. "But I've started writing songs and there are several of mine on this project. I've learned a lot and laid the groundwork for this record, and it will be my first internationally-marketed project." The album's debut single, a remake of Eddy Raven's "I Got Mexico," has already enjoyed a successful run at radio across the Lone Star state and around the globe. "Small Town Radio" (Fritsch & DeForest) is another strong track that chronicles the joys of simple, small-town life. "Dancin' In The Rain" (Fritsch/ Deforest/ Huff) is a mood-setting number which effectively showcases Todd's distinctive voice. Well-known Texas songwriter Brian Burns contributed "I Don't Live Here Anymore," to which Fritsch brings a devastating emotional punch and a polished professionalism.
   "Professional" is an adjective that could well-describe Todd himself. There is a subtle strength evident in his every move, and while he enjoys spending time with his family and friends, he admits to a steady and purpose-filled life. "I'd never be where I am today without the support of my family. My Dad has taught me so much; my brothers Brad and Ryan pull more than their fair share of the weight on the ranch and Mom handles all of my bookings and ranch accounts. I fish once a year on Good Friday," he says with a chuckle. "The rest of my down time is still productive. I train team roping horses which will eventually be sold to some team roper who doesnít have the time, or the ability, to train his horses himself. I always try to enjoy what I'm doing, but I try not to waste too much of my time."
   Todd isn't wasting any time in the pursuit of his musical dreams. "I'd like to be a successful entertainer," says the Fritsch. "I'd like to model my career after Garth's. But, I'd also like to find a girl like my mom and settle down and raise my own family some day." Interested ladies might take note though, that while this cowboy rides, ropes, raises cattle and enjoys the quirky humor of Austin Powers he doesn't "do" the movies. "That," he says with a laugh, "Is a date thing that just ain't gonna happen."
   For more on Todd, visit his official web site.

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