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Jerry Mac CDs

Jerry Mac CDs

Jerry Mac CDs

   Every so often the members of the board of directors of The Country Music Planet pick a country music web site that the board members think is deserving of special recognition. Until recently the winners were picked by tabulating votes of visitors to our web site, the decision was made to have these web sites picked by the reviewing of members of our organization. The only web sites that are considered are those that we feel are web sites that country music fans would really enjoy visiting. The web sites must meet certain criteria. They must be easy to navigate & quick to download with content that has to do with country music. We invite all visitors to e-mail us with suggestions for web sites for us to consider. We, also, invite all visitors to visit the web sites of our current and previous winners. These are all web sites that you will be glad you visited if you are a country music fan or entertainer. You can get to these web sites by clicking on the banners announcing them as winners.

The Country Music Planet's Web Site Of The Month Award
March, 2002 Winner


Country Site Of The Month - May 2000
Shelly Streeter
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